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  1. Primrose

    Garcinia Cambogia

    Have any of you tried this? I bought a bottle last week and can only remember to take one every day rather than one before each meal. However, it seems to be curbing my appetite. It's too soon to notice any significant weight loss so I was just wondering if anyone has been on it for a while.
  2. Primrose

    Savory Dressing

    My whole family thinks I made the best pan of dressing ever this Thanksgiving. I'll have to admit, it was pretty good. I used my home grown dried sage for seasoning. I think that's what gave it the great flavor.
  3. Primrose


    Holidays always cause me to overeat. Actually, I'm the one that overeats. Holidays have nothing to do with it except for all the delicious food. What helps take away that over full feeling? My diet starts tomorrow but I need help today. :)
  4. Primrose

    Too many rich treats

    Both kitties were sick yesterday. I'm sure it's because off all the rich treats we gave them. A little turkey fat here and a piece of liver there contributed to their condition. We'll be more sparing today and not give them everything they want.
  5. Primrose

    Thanksgiving and Sage

    Here in the South, it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without cornbread sage dressing. My family would fire me if I didn't make this every year. Luckily, I have plenty of dried sage from my herb garden this year so I'm headed to the kitchen now. What herbs do you use on Thanksgiving?
  6. Primrose

    What a nice gift!

    I told all my friends at work that I was getting ready to harvest my herbs and asked if they would like some. I had three takers so I fixed them up a nice vase of several herbs and took them to work. You should have seen their faces. They were thrilled. It's nice to be able to give joy with...
  7. Primrose

    Too Much!

    Over the years, I have become very sensitive to odors and can't stand to be bombarded with scents. I've even had to quit wearing perfumes. Shopping in Wal-Mart over the weekend, I happened to turn down the air freshener isle and was overcome by all the smells. Whew!!!! I got through that...
  8. Primrose

    Freezing Herbs

    Due to all the rain this year I have an over abundance of sage, oregano and basil. My neighbor told me to freeze it and then crumble before using in recipes during the winter. Have any of you ever done this?
  9. Primrose

    The Organic Label

    Can anyone explain just what the organic label means on a product? Is it grown in all natural soil? Is it just free from pesticides but not fertilizer? Is the fertilizer organic? All these are valid questions that have been on my mind before I go totally organic.
  10. Primrose

    Microwaving Herbs

    A quick way to dry herbs is to pop them in the microwave. I have found 30 second intervals is the best turning the leaves over at the end of each period. However, my sweet basil always tries to catch fire. I don't understand this. Can anyone speak on the reason?
  11. Primrose

    Creeping Charlie

    Creeping Charlie is normally used as a ground cover, but is a member of the mint family. After reading about this the other day, folks of long ago used it as a herb in soups and stews. Do any of you use this today and if so, how?
  12. Primrose

    Ezekiel Bread

    Ezekiel Bread has been around for a long time but we have just started eating it on a regular basis. It is gluten free and if packed full of fiber. My husband has just said he'd like to keep some around all the time just for fiber purposes. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.
  13. Primrose

    Drowned Onions

    We love spring onions! I plant some every year out in the back flower bed. This year, I pulled several times when they were mature enough and then the rains came. There was so much rain that it drowned out the ones left. I think if I just leave them there, we'll have a good crop come next...
  14. Primrose

    Dry Skin Herbs?

    I now have 2 kitties. :) Both are rescue and quite happy being here. The little one is constantly scratching and I don't know why. She has no fleas and I wonder if there are any herbs I could mix in her food for dry skin. Any suggestions?
  15. Primrose


    Several years ago, we went on a juicing kick in our house. We bought bags and bags of carrots and apples and just juiced our little hearts out. It seemed such a shame to throw out all the pulp left from juicing so I came up with a vegetable soup with a tomato juice base. It was very filling...
  16. Primrose

    Acupuncture Success

    I talked with a friend of mine yesterday for the first time in a year or so and it was so good to hear from her. Her success story was that she has come off most all of her medication due to an acupuncture regimen. She sounds great and says she feel much better. Maybe this is something I...
  17. Primrose

    Seasonal Allergies

    Are you fighting the pollen this time of year? For me, it's not been as bad for some reason. Could be because I have finally found an all natural supplement to help with all the seasonal allergies. It contains cinnamon, spanish needles powder and acerola concentrate. I like it because it's...
  18. Primrose

    Spring Preparation

    Just last week, I cleaned out my front flower bed. The sage and oregano were trying to take over. Well, I cut that stuff back unmercifully not caring whether I killed it or not, and you should see it now. It's like it went "ahhhhhh." "Thank you!" It's growing like crazy. I'll have a bumper...
  19. Primrose

    Homemade Liniment

    I think I have pulled an abdominal muscle. It is quite painful even to the touch. I went online and found this recipe for a homemade liniment and wondered if any of you have ever tried this. If you have, does it work? I really don't want to have to go to the doctor with this.
  20. Primrose

    Pets eating grass

    Since I was a child, all of my pets have been indoor, outdoor pets because I just don't believe in keeping them inside all the time. In the spring, I notice that my current cat, is trying to eat his weight in young tender grass. I know it's healthy but I'm concerned he will eat too much. Any...