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    Exercise and diet

    I recently started doing bikram yoga because there's a studio near my house. I used to practice yoga only a couple of times a week, and it wasn't bikram yoga. Now I try to go every day because it's so convenient. I have been doing to monitor my depression since I left the hospital a couple of...
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    Muscle Tension

    I find that I'm frequently uncomfortably tense in my neck, back, and jaw. I get the feeling that this is related to stress, and it's probably pretty normal, but it would be nice not to be tense all the time. I take yoga whenever I can fit it into my schedule, which happens about four or five...
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    Rest and good health

    This morning I took the entire morning off until about 1pm. I woke up, made breakfast, and then did absolutely nothing until afternoon. In fact, I would have continued, but I didn't want to get so far behind on tasks that I would only have to catch up on them tomorrow. I can't remember the...
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    Scents to keep insects away

    It's that time of year again... does anybody know what are good scents to keep little flying things away? I know that citronella is good for that, and I'm told that lavender keeps mosquitoes away... are there any other good ones?
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    City Garden

    I would love to start growing my own herbs, but I live in a city and I don't have a yard. I do get a lot of sunlight through my window though (and that's a rare blessing in the city). Also, I've never really grown plants before and I'm a little paranoid that I might be really bad at it, haha...