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    Removing Candle Wax From Carpet

    The tips are great and will try for the saving of my carpet.
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    This is great information.
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    How much coffee?

    I completely agree with Rashpberry Leaf as it depends on our immune to how much coffee is fine and not harmful for health.
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    I eat what is nutritious for 6 days of week and give break to nutrition on the seventh day. This helps me keep healthy.
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    Oil Pulling

    Thank you for the information this is good. Will try it out.
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    Losing hair!

    I have heard of thinning of hair being hereditary. You can recommend your friend for hair extensions. I am using hair extensions for hair styling , it can also be a solution to hair loss. I highly recommend to try these out.
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    Oil Pulling

    If you could explain how it is done. Have never heard of it and its benefits.
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    Too much Vitamin B

    Excess of B6 can cause nervous system damage. Both B6 and B12 can cause severe health problem. Consult the doctor for the amount required for your body.
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    Natural Dandruff Treatment Using Mint and Rosemary

    It is really great. How many times a week can apply it to have desired results.
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    Homemade shampoo and conditioner?

    Vinegar helps in easy brushing of tangled hair and adds most elasticity making hair more manageable. It also adds shine to the hair.
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    Why hot peppers are good for you

    This is really awesome! Did not know benefits of having hot pepper.
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    Homemade shampoo and conditioner?

    I apply vinegar every fifteen days. This helps in nourishing my hair.
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    Hair Care

    I am prone to experiment with my hairstyles using hair colors, hair accessories and hair extensions. Using all these I also keep my natural hair nourished using oil and vinegar once a week.
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    Losing hair!

    Hair loss is mainly due to nutritional deficiency. Get yourself diagnosed for the same.