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  1. 2Nature

    Pain Management Guide

    It really sounds interesting. I really like the part about sleep and how they help you improve your sleeping habits. Really good thank you very much!
  2. 2Nature

    Tribulus Plans?

    I have heard about the extract of this plant and how it help with testosterone production. Many athletes use it to increase their muscle mass and strength. Do you have experience with it?
  3. 2Nature

    Padding for yoga (or exercise)

    I don't buy branded mats. What I do is search for closed cell foam, specifically Microcell, which is closed cell but with finer structure. It will be a lot cheaper than branded products.
  4. 2Nature

    Cleansing Teas?

    I never tried dandelion tea, thanks for the advice! That is the first time I have heard about roasted brown rice green tea as well. Is it good?
  5. 2Nature

    How often do you wash your hair?

    I wash my hair every three days. Sometimes (especially in the winter when I wear hats a lot) every two days. Washing once a day is too much for me.
  6. 2Nature

    Cleansing Teas?

    Can you recommend some good tea for cleansing? I've been trying a lot of teas lately so I will need original ideas. Thank you all.
  7. 2Nature

    Health question in general

    I believe that body is the infinite design. We can only assume what is really going on inside it. Current medicine is the proof of it.
  8. 2Nature

    How much coffee?

    That is a lot of coffee. I don't drink coffee at all but I enjoy an occasional cup, I like the flavor. On the other hand my wife can't get up in the morning without one.
  9. 2Nature

    Why hot peppers are good for you

    Same thing with me, I hated spicy stuff too. I'm sure that many kids don't like foods like hot peppers. It is interesting though to watch them try these. :)
  10. 2Nature

    Health question in general

    At the moment science says that we don't need all of our intestines which doesn't mean that it is true. I believe it's arrogant to assume that science is always right.
  11. 2Nature

    Honey for Coughs

    I'm taking honey all the time and I hope it helps as you say. One thing is certain, it is ridiculously delicious - nature's perfect food.
  12. 2Nature

    Spice rack

    I've been meaning to order or build myself a spice rack since forever. My experience tells me the same - that some spices are never going to be used so there is no need to keep them on your rack.
  13. 2Nature

    A week without meat?

    Every few months or so I've been trying to add a week without eating meet and other animal foods. I can tell you that it's great for you body.
  14. 2Nature

    Mattress Foam?

    I found I few sites that hold these types of foams but I have no idea what to order. I guess it would be better to visit stores in person.
  15. 2Nature

    Mattress Foam?

    I'm interested in building my own mattress because I have a pretty sensitive body and I'm pretty picky when it comes to sleeping conditions. Do you know a site that holds these types of foams?
  16. 2Nature

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    That is interesting. I don't get ill but if I eat it too much for my taste, which is often considering how much I like garlic, I will upset my stomach for few hours.
  17. 2Nature

    Vitamins and supplements for boosting mood

    Anything that promotes energy production is good for your mood. Therefore ZMA is a nice addition to your diet - a specific combo of B6, Zinc and Magnesium.
  18. 2Nature

    Have you ever tried going on a raw diet?

    People are willing to accept strange concepts in their diet just because somewhere someone said that it is special and useful. Raw diet is not a good idea if you ask me.
  19. 2Nature

    Walking 30 minutes per day

    One thing you can do is walk to work or to any other place you need to go. To me it's almost impossible to dedicate 30 minutes to something new. I only can incorporate it in the daily routine.
  20. 2Nature

    Who's cooking today?

    My wife is and she's preparing something she has never prepared before. But the problem is she can't figure out what spice goes with what. My practice is to taste both ingredients and if you pallet doesn't complain than you have a perfect match. :D