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    Cleansing Teas?

    I prefer green tea. Its the best for detoxification and cleansing.
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    Walking 30 minutes per day

    Walking is very important and its need to be a regular exercise. I walk 15 minutes daily in my hectic schedule.
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    Cluster headaches?

    I had the same pain And I prefered using herbal medicine. Its vanishing now. Hope it will help you.
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    Where did you learn to make soap?

    My grandmother makes soaps and I learned it from her. Its interesting.
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    Waterless Soap?

    I heard it the first time.
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    My basil has blossomed

    Even I like basil and I had grown once, But it needs lots of protection and maintenance .
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    I like mixture of variety of fruits and its good for health also.
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    Too much Vitamin B

    Take a wise decision because its your health matter.
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    Vitamans and Minerals from herbs

    I am a big organic conscious. I like the products which have natural and organic contents in it. Vitamin and minerals or other supplementaries, I prefer organic intake. Say it a daily dose or a self building material products. As you said you are on vegetarian diet, its good but it will take...
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    Got Boils?

    Interesting post! that is a great information to share Thank you.
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    Herbalist books

    same one!
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    Berry gardens?

    Sounds interesting! I am a newbie here and will explore a lot about herbs here.
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    Getting into the Herbalist lifestyle

    Even I an thinking about it. To to the same Let me figure it out and surely I will let you know about it.
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    Dry Skin

    Try something which will suit your face during winters.
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    Plz help identify this herb

    Can not exactly identify it.
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    Honey for Coughs

    Yes I tried it once for my cough and it has solved my problem for the same.
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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    Interesting post! I will try it someday.
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    Evening primrose transplant

    Even I am a newbie here and exploring the herbal and organic contents. surely will let you know if I get something interesting to tell about it.
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    Aloe Vera Juice

    Herbal and alternative medicine are always effective and safe as compare to synthetic approaches. Thus in my living I always use herbal. Aloe vera juice are the best.
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    Herbs and oral health

    I like to be organic and natural. And I believe that herbal medicines are best for oral health.