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  1. lolli

    Strays in the cold

    Thankfully it has warmed up a bit at our house. I know there are stray cats out there. The problem is that when you call the animal shelters they are full and can't come and get the cats. It breaks my heart but we can't feed/save them all. I wish I could though.
  2. lolli

    Health question in general

    Lyra... I agree. I think that is why that is the process in weight loss surgery. Their bodies are not absorbing the fat and calories from the foods they eat. They do have to take a lot of vitamins.
  3. lolli

    Christmas dangerous for cats!

    I never thought about the plants! Candles for sure! My cats go crazy and they knock stuff down and over all the time. It's crazy! Everything is not put away so they are not in danger anymore.
  4. lolli

    Health question in general

    I have two friends that have had a weight-loss surgery. They both had some of their intestines removed. They are doing fine. They have not had any problem with digestion. I don't think science is always right though.
  5. lolli

    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    I love bubble baths! I always have my big comfy robe waiting for me after I dry off. I hate that bubble baths make me feel the way they do. I love taking hot baths too but the bubbles make it more fun.
  6. lolli

    Last hope!

    I really hope that his insurance company will approve it. He has already picked the place he wants to go. I really hope that it gives him some sort of relief!
  7. lolli

    Strays in the cold

    It is very sad isn't it? I hate seeing strays outside. It breaks my heart. I have never seen it as cold as it was today. We have a couple of shops that are open. I have seen a cat run in and out. It's not warm but at least it is out of the wind.
  8. lolli

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    I love garlic so I am glad I don't have that problem. I eat it on pretty much everything. When did you start having this problem? I bet you are forming some sort of an allergy to it.
  9. lolli

    Last hope!

    My dad has been having cortisone shots in his back for a couple of years. He had three back surgeries in the 70's. I took him to see the surgeon about two months ago. The surgeon told us that he had too many problems and surgery wouldn't help. He has arthritis, degenerated discs and some...
  10. lolli

    Chemicals on real Christmas trees?

    It makes sense to me. They put something on them to try to keep them looking fresher longer. I have never had a problem with any real trees that we have bought. We usually go cut one down from a local tree farm.
  11. lolli

    Health question in general

    If we don't need all of our intestines why are they so long? I keep hearing about people getting weight-loss surgeries. I guess in some way or other these people get some of their intestines taken out. I get it but why do we have so many if we don't need them? Wouldn't a lot more people be a...
  12. lolli

    A week without meat?

    I could not go a whole week without meat. I can go a couple of days without it but not a week. I don't know why but my body gets all odd. What positive effects do you guys see?
  13. lolli

    Mattress Foam?

    I don't but I would love to try it too. My back kills me when I get up in the morning. I would love to try to make my own foam mattress for my bed. Let me know if you find anything.
  14. lolli

    Pain Radiating Down Back of the Thigh

    Ouch! How are you feeling now? Is the pain going away? If not I hope you called your doctor. There might be something else wrong. My dad has the same pain and he is seeing a specialist next week.
  15. lolli

    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    Can bubble baths cause yeast infections? I swear every time I take a hot bubble bath I start to feel itchy. I don't take them often because of this. I don't notice it when I don't use soap in the water. I love the bubbles though!
  16. lolli

    Yoga has helped me tremendously.

    Yoga and Zumba have helped me get rid of stress. I am not suffering from depression. I am really glad that yoga is helping you. Natural ways are much better than medicine.
  17. lolli

    Who's cooking today?

    I had to cook yesterday and today. Yesterday was dinner with the in-laws at my house. Today is dinner with my family - again hosted here. I am at a standstill right now - a welcomed break!
  18. lolli

    I need energy

    Awesome answer! I too need more energy but I did not know what to do/take. I'm very against taking medication that will help with energy. I don't like to take/drink caffeine or caffeine supplements. Thanks for the information.
  19. lolli

    Christmas dangerous for cats!

    I swear every year my cats get into something around Christmas time. We stopped using tinsel on the trees because they ate it. We stopped putting ornaments on the bottom of the tree because they knock them down. What other things are dangerous for our cats around this time?
  20. lolli


    I donate a lot of clothing to the local hospital. They take it to some Sister Susan group (church ran group). I love reading about all of the places people donate. Anyone donate their time too?