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  1. lolli

    Last hope!

    My dad has been having cortisone shots in his back for a couple of years. He had three back surgeries in the 70's. I took him to see the surgeon about two months ago. The surgeon told us that he had too many problems and surgery wouldn't help. He has arthritis, degenerated discs and some...
  2. lolli

    Health question in general

    If we don't need all of our intestines why are they so long? I keep hearing about people getting weight-loss surgeries. I guess in some way or other these people get some of their intestines taken out. I get it but why do we have so many if we don't need them? Wouldn't a lot more people be a...
  3. lolli

    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    Can bubble baths cause yeast infections? I swear every time I take a hot bubble bath I start to feel itchy. I don't take them often because of this. I don't notice it when I don't use soap in the water. I love the bubbles though!
  4. lolli

    Christmas dangerous for cats!

    I swear every year my cats get into something around Christmas time. We stopped using tinsel on the trees because they ate it. We stopped putting ornaments on the bottom of the tree because they knock them down. What other things are dangerous for our cats around this time?
  5. lolli

    Cyst possibly?

    My hubby has a squishy sac-like cyst on his forehead. It keeps getting bigger too. He won't go to the doctor. I told him that they would probably just drain it or at least take a sample to make sure it wasn't something dangerous. Anyone ever seen anything like this?
  6. lolli


    If you donate throughout the year where and who to you donate to? My family has decided to start donating to the Humane Society of the town I work at. They are always asking for donations. I had to go in there a couple of days ago - I was buying calendars for co-workers. I could not believe how...
  7. lolli

    As we age

    What nutrients and vitamins do we need more as we age? I know we need to make sure that we drink a lot of milk. Dairy keeps our bones healthy and strong. What else do we need to increase?
  8. lolli

    Blockage versus UTI

    Do you know if cats can get urinary infections? My one cat had crystals years ago and was placed on a special diet. His brother decided that he would start having problems. He cannot pee! He licks and licks himself and then a little bit later a little urinr leaks out. Any ideas?
  9. lolli

    Are GNC really worth more?

    Why do GNC vitamins cost so much money? Are they really worth the extra money? I can get some of the same vitamins at Walmart (just a different brand) for half the price. What makes GNC so special?
  10. lolli

    Think it's time

    I have decided that I will start detoxing this week. I have been trying to eat healthier lately. I still feel bloated and "out of sorts". My good friend told me I should start a detox and see how I feel after that. Anyone have any tips?
  11. lolli

    Lump on her tail

    My cat has a lump on her tail. I know it bothers her too because she won't let you touch it. I have no idea where she got it. She is an indoor only cat. Any ideas on what it could be?
  12. lolli

    Staying away from news!

    Along with removing people that cause drama I am also staying away from the news. I wish the newscasters would report more on the good things that happen everyday. I limit my time to 15 minutes each day. This makes me feel better and have a better outlook on life.
  13. lolli

    Possible lump

    What could cause lumps in your breasts? If it was cancer do you think it would move? I have noticed a small lump on the underside of my breast. I don't know if it is from sweating and my bra rubbing there.
  14. lolli

    Removing negative and drama

    Part of my new healthy lifestyle is to remove negative people and reduce the drama in my life. I can't remove family but I can distance myself from them. Anyone else do this? How do you feel?
  15. lolli

    Shopping trip!

    I cannot wait! My annual girls shopping trip is less than a month away. We laugh so hard the entire weekend. This year we are getting full body massages! I can't wait! It is a mental vacation too.
  16. lolli

    Active teens and vitamins

    What are your thoughts on active teenage girls and vitamins. My daughter asked me yesterday if there were any she should be taking. We try to eat healthy. I didn't take any when I was a teen.
  17. lolli

    Barre toning

    My instructor switched up our Zumba class tonight. We did 45 minutes of cardio Zumba and 15 minutes of Barre toning. I thought it was okay. It was more of a dance (felt like ballet). We worked our quads the most. I bet my legs will scream bloody murder tomorrow morning!
  18. lolli

    Don't get pets if you cannot afford them

    I have seen so many neglected pets in the last month. It drives me crazy. People should not get pets if you cannot or will not take care of them. Pets need to go to the "doctors" each year too just like us.
  19. lolli

    What is stopping you from getting in shape?

    I know a lot of my friends (women) have a lot of excuses for not getting into shape. Are you one of these types of people? Do you work out? Are you in shape or working towards that? What is stopping you if you aren't?
  20. lolli

    Too much Vitamin B

    I am going to start taking Vitamin B but I have not had my levels checked yet. Will it hurt me if I have enough Vitamin B in my system already if I start taking a pill too? I really want to get rid of this sluggish feeling and I don't have a doctor appointment until August 29th.