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    Chiropractics and Pregnancy

    It's long time now to reply here but I won't prefer Chiropractors to go with on pregnancy.I will go with doctors in such cases.
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    Hi all!

    Hi all!
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    Acupuncture and shingles

    Thanks for sharing the information.
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    Acupuncture Success

    Good information....
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    Acupuncture for quitting smoking

    Thanks for sharing the information.
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    Becoming an Acupuncturist

    I don't want to be the one...
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    What Health Problem Has Chiropractics Helped

    Any spinal pain they can heal with determining problem causing the tissues.
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    How often for chiropractic help

    Thanks for sharing the information...
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    Feeling worse than before

    I have learned a lot from here..
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    Acupuncture treatment

    I don't wanna undergo with any of such treatment....
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    Why did you decide to try a Chiropractor?

    For having best treated for any kind of spinal pain.....
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    Where do you go to learn?

    I really like this information.