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    What's everyone reading?

    Have you read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson? There are 5 or 6 in the series and I could not put them down once I started. Right now it's Nora Roberts for me. I like to switch out with different genres.
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    As we age

    I have found out the hard way that potassium is another thing we should be concerned about. Potassium rich foods or potassium pills should be considered. Check with your doctor. Low potassium can really affect you.
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    Garcinia Cambogia

    Have any of you tried this? I bought a bottle last week and can only remember to take one every day rather than one before each meal. However, it seems to be curbing my appetite. It's too soon to notice any significant weight loss so I was just wondering if anyone has been on it for a while.
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    Blockage versus UTI

    Get him to the vet as soon as possible. Not being able to pee is a serious problem. To answer your question; yes, cats can get urinary infections. Let us know what's wrong with the little guy.
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    Male Contraceptive Pill

    I agree with you Lyra. It's about time men take on some responsibility for their actions. The only challenge I see is the woman is going to have to remind him to take his pill. :)
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    Savory Dressing

    My whole family thinks I made the best pan of dressing ever this Thanksgiving. I'll have to admit, it was pretty good. I used my home grown dried sage for seasoning. I think that's what gave it the great flavor.
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    sneezy kitty

    Mine is not a Siamese but she could be named "Snuffles." When she sniffs anything she snuffles and then sneezes. When she first came to us the vet put her on an antibiotic because he thought she might have a cold but the longer we have her the more I understand it's just dust. :)
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    Vitamins and supplements for boosting mood

    Have you tried Black Cohosh or Primrose? I found that these two alternated with St. John's Wort really helped me. Do check with your doctor before you start taking these though. They can be pretty powerful.
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    The machine that everyone should have...

    I had one of those many years ago and it is a great tool. I can't remember why I got rid of mine. These days I'm a picker more than a "flosser." I may have to look into this again.
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    Back to work!

    I wish I could find something making an extra $500.00 a week. That surely would ease the stress in my house. Congratulations freshfoodie. Maybe they will keep you in mind for the next holiday. That would be awesome.
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    Holidays always cause me to overeat. Actually, I'm the one that overeats. Holidays have nothing to do with it except for all the delicious food. What helps take away that over full feeling? My diet starts tomorrow but I need help today. :)
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    bites inside of mouth

    If you're doing it in your sleep, you may need a mouth guard if it continues. I usually manage to bite myself while eating. Then it's sore for a day or two. Peroxide usually helps the healing process if you swish it a couple times a day.
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    Grains and inflammation

    Do some research on genetically altered wheat. You will be shocked and may never eat bread again. I have a feeling that's where the inflammation is coming from. It's not a good idea to genetically alter our food.
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    Too many rich treats

    Both kitties were sick yesterday. I'm sure it's because off all the rich treats we gave them. A little turkey fat here and a piece of liver there contributed to their condition. We'll be more sparing today and not give them everything they want.
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    Are you cooking?

    I had to do it all from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. Needless to say I'm pretty tired today. We only had six people this year but there's usually ten or more. The good part about all the cooking is that I don't have to cook for the next several days. :)