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    Public Isn't Buying Lamestream Media's Contrived Attack On MultiVitamins

    ,this is is twisted the so called health Care system keeps people sick by treating every ailment one gets with poisons then reviles things that heal does
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    Toxic medications for healthy women?

    Being a Cancer survivor myself I can address this first of someone you love gets sick and you see how they suffered and you don't want to experience it or put your family through it then there are families. where 9of13 women in the family got breast cancer it isn't recorded for all just those...
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    GMO foods

    Me to
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    Oregano Tea

    It's a powerful antimicrobial
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    Toxic medications for healthy women?

    fact is that men can get brest cancer yes guys it's not just women
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    Lessons From the NFL"s MRSA Outbreak

    I've heard that oil of oregano is effective for treating MRSA
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    6 of the Deadliest Antibiotics!

    Thyme is another powerful antimicrobial that even tastes good
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    I used it to CURE my cancer I visualized my tumer as a scared teenager yes I did do chemotherapy as well but I think it was the visualization that made the difference between my being cured and dieing
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    mindsets and mental jumps

    It does seem that way I get upset and people around freak
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    Spice rack

    Empty out the bottles of the spices you don't like and refill them with spices you will use
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    Honey for Coughs

    That should read honey
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    Honey for Coughs

    The perfect cough remedy is one tablespoons of Hong in an eight oz cup of oregano tea
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    Garlic makes me nauseated

    It is fairly common for people to get this reaction to garlic and there are other herbs with similar properties that may not make you sick another thing that you might consider is whether your garlic is organized organic in otherwords it may not be
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    Please help! Herbal medicine questions

    There are several forums that deal with herbalism
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    Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea

    I prefer the floral taste of jasmine green tea