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    Why hot peppers are good for you

    Can you describe the taste? I can feel the spicy aura in your comments.. HEHE
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    How much coffee?

    2 cups a day is the average! one in the morning and one in the afternoon :)
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    His hobby keeps him sane!

    Everyone needs a hobby that they can use to relieve stress. My husband likes to play guitar and I like to complete craft projects. We also are both gun enthusiasts who like to go to the range so that is a hobby we get to share...and talk about relieving stress! ;)
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    Strays in the cold

    How sad. :( I wish I could do something about! Genie! Genie! I need my three wishes! :D
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    The most bizarre thing I have ever seen

    Really? that's great! The question is, how much is it? :D
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    In-grown nail

    Like what they say! DOCTOR DOCTOR!
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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    nice post! :D great help.
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    Healthy Skin

    A lot and a Lot of water! proper diet! and sleep at least 8 hrs/day.
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    Bad Teeth

    Things could go wrong if not taken care of. Better check your dentist sooner.
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    Back cramps

    @chabella I have read an article at this blog It states that there are a lot more side effects associated with Mirena and some of them seemed to be dangerous. Thought you might want to know.