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    They don't let me cook

    Maybe they are sort of shy to ask you to cook something or they don't think you can actually cook. I agree with Lilly. Try to prepare one of your best meals to let them know that you good at the kitchen. ;)
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    Savory Dressing

    That's wonderful! I bet your family will ask you to make the same dressing for next year's Thanksgiving. :) I think I have to agree that your home grown sage had a big role in making it the best dressing ever. Hope you share your recipe with us!
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    Natural Dandruff Treatment Using Mint and Rosemary

    I was just reading a list of ways to use mint, and it said that mint leaves can be used to help treat dandruff the natural way. What you do is to put mint and rosemary sprigs in cider vinegar and let it sit. After a week, it's ready to use.
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    The most bizarre thing I have ever seen

    What brand is it? I'm curious. I don't think I have ever used or seen an all-purpose cleaner with such a scent. It sounds interesting though. I guess most of the scented commercial cleaning products on the market carry a citrus scent.
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    Oil Pulling

    I have never tried it. I wasn't so familiar with how it is done, so I had to look it up. Rinsing my mouth with oil for 20 minutes doesn't seem to be an easy task for me. How can I be able to handle or keep the oil in my mouth for such a period of time? :rolleyes:
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    Back to work!

    That's awesome! Two thousand five hundred dollars after five weeks isn't bad! The money will surely be very helpful. I do hope that you get to save some of it. :)
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    Too many rich treats

    Poor kitties! I hope they're better now. We used to have dogs, and it was always very tempting to give them a piece of what we're eating especially when they looked at us with those begging eyes. :)
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    As we age

    As we age, we also should increase our vitamin D intake since this vitamin facilitates the absorption of calcium. Vitamin B12 is another. Vitamin B12 promotes healthy nerve function.
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    Male Contraceptive Pill

    I have just read that a group of Australian scientists are looking into the development of a male contraceptive pill which could be available in the next 10 years. As of the moment, the researchers have made mice infertile by blocking two proteins that are responsible for sperm transportation.
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    Kids: Sick? or drama?

    During the first few weeks of my nephew's junior kindergarten class, there were mornings in which he complained of stomach ache. His parents didn't buy his 'drama' because they knew he just didn't want to go to school. It's a great thing that after a month or so, he was able to adjust to the...
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    I really try not to overeat during the holidays. I don't want to have that uncomfortably full and tight feeling in my tummy. Like the others, I drink water since aids in digestion. When I feel full, I get up, take a short walk or do gentle exercises.
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    Lavender cookies

    That sounds interesting! It never occurred to me that you could use lavender for baking purposes. I wonder how lavender cookies taste. I would be so eager to try them!
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    Tight jaw

    I don't have this problem, but I assume that there are stretching exercises for the jaw that you can perform. Have you tried any of those? Also, I read that massaging your jaws using circular motions can help.
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    The Brain Garage

    It looks interesting! Going over the list of the albums, I think that the one on deep sleep programming might be what I need. I have days in which I have trouble sleeping, so something 'natural' that can put me to sleep and cause me to wake up in the morningwith a refreshed mind is most welcome!
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    Online Fitness Coaching Program

    I have just read that there is this online fitness coaching program called Sessions. The service lets users meet with their coaches online through Skype in which they discuss their goals and exercise routines. Besides the clients' progress report, their performance is also monitored through the...