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    Please help! Herbal medicine questions

    Sheesh... Do your own homework.
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    Confused and New Member!

    Check pm
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    Cleansing Teas?

    I use a tea of chamomile, meadowsweet, and agrimony mixed in equal parts. I make a quart at a time of 3-4 T per quart. I steep that for 15-20 minutes, strain, and refrigerate and drink it throughout the day. Tasty, cleansing, and antiinflammatory, I drink a quart per day.
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    Lemongrass Oil Aromatherapy

    I do the same thing with lemongrass. I find to be a brighter lemon aroma for some reason. Kind of hard to explain. It's definitely stronger than straight lemon oil. Then again, it's the particular brand that I buy that I like especially. Wyndmere.
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    Homemade Chapstick

    Myrrh, it doesn't get much easier than balm making. Fun too. You don't have to use calendula oil, (I like it as a base because it's soothing and antiseptic, so I actually is it for a base for massage oils too.) You can just use OO and beeswax and add scents like lavender as you see fit. I...
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    Homemade Chapstick

    I'll be interested too. I make balms and lotions. I start with calendula oil, that I make from olive oil and dried calendula flowers. I like light OO that's not overpowering in taste or smell. You can use lighter oils like sunflower, grape seed, etc., but I like OO because it's good and...
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    Lemongrass Oil Aromatherapy

    Lemongrass oil is wonderful stuff. I love it! I especially like the 'Wyndmere' brand. :)
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    Best herbs for anxiety?

    Ooh, Albizia is amazing too! You can tincture your own, but this stuff is really good.
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    Best herbs for anxiety?

    It's definitely true, RasLeaf. Some folks take herbals too lightly, thinking they couldn't interfere with chemical meds, but they can be just as potent and potentially dangerous! I make, but I do not prescribe! Always see a qualified herbalist.
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    Best herbs for anxiety?

    St John's Wort, Kava, Milky Oats, Passionflower, Motherwort, Nettle Leaf and Skullcap, to name a few. There are lots and lots. I think a skullcap/nettle leaf tincture is my all around favorite. It's mild, sort of like a very low dose of Valium. These should really be prescribed upon an...
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    Male Contraceptive Pill

    This is an awfully broad statement.
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    Gaba, anyone?

    I use a GABA supplement occasionally. It does help with tension and stress. Sometimes, at least in my body, it causes minor jitters as well. I don't know why. I'd still recommend it, but use with care, (as you should any such mood altering supplement.)
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    Does anyone have an online source for apple cider vinegar?

    Well, Bragg is the real stuff. I'm in VA, and from NC but I've seen it in lots of places. You can buy it at Walmart here. Amazon sells it and other online retailers like:
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    Removing negative and drama

    Keep doing that lolli. There is no reason to have to engage with negative people. I have walked away from many relationships to avoid toxic negativity. And for those you can't completely avoid, you do not have to engage with their negativity. Just don't respond to it. With one person I...
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    How much coffee?

    That's a lot of coffee Alli... Why do you think you need that much? I know coffee has some health benefits, but caffeine causes a lot of problems in the long run. Personally, I only have coffee as a treat and that's rare. One demitasse a week, if that. I do have black tea, one cup in the...