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    Human Immortality by 2045

    Yes... There was no immortality in 1984. There were the televisions and the cameras everywhere, but otherwise we have met and outstripped the tech level of this particular book. Perhaps you are thinking of the book, "Brave New World"?
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    Do men smoke more often than women?

    Well, looking at your comment that really wouldn't mess of the distribution much would it? Rich people and poor with some deviant middle-class folks... sounds about right. In the States it is about the same, and proably in most countries it would hold true. There would also be the intellectuals...
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    Pears , pears everywhere.

    Ah, the kale made me think of salt and the pineapple made me think it would be sour. But I suppose the basil would be refreshing and the pears sweet. I don't really like mangoes.
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    Water fountain

    Im in ur glass touchin' ur water! *insert innocent face here*
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    Ever Do Accidentally Do Something Really Stupid To Your Pet?

    Did you have an awkward talk afterwards? Not the "going to a quiet farm" talk, but the "all things pass away talk". I really hate giving that talk... I would have just told you it needed a rest and so it had to go to a rest home or something.
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    Raw or cooked

    Asparagus swimming in butter with a sprinkling of sea salt is something I can eat and eat and eat. Broccoli however needs to be cooked and coated in cheese. That is the only way it's going down happily.
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    Adult & accident prone

    Accidents are not something left in the providence of adolescents. You aren't going to outgrow although some people are more klutzy then others. I have more control over my limbs then some, but only because I spent my childhood towering over my classmates as well as many of my teachers. In that...
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    Pears , pears everywhere.

    I how does the pineapple and kale taste? I mean is it sort of salty and such?
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    Living in the city Question

    Black out curtains work wonders and not every person is the same. Some people are night owls, some are early birds, and some are just glitched. I'm an extremely glitched night owl and have been since I was a very small child. Therefore I have blackout curtains and an extreme dislike of anything...
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    Skechers Shape-ups False Claims

    Personally I watched the commerical thinking, "Some of these ladies have mighty fine behinds. So firm and sitting up high just right for the - Oh, hello Ayla!" So yeah my thoughts were somewhere else entirely.
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    Ever have a renter?

    There is a show on Spike about a guy and his crew who deal with tenents amongst other things. Ya'll should watch a couple of those episodes. I mean issues with weed plants, with horses being kept in the house, with house parties involving suds up to a person's knees... More importantly however...
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    "Metabolic syndrome"

    I do and don't agree with your statement. I mean race would indicate a genetic component esp. since Asians are not known for their weight issues. The issue of co-morbidity means that underlying factors exist esp. since something like polycystic ovary syndrome can make this condition more likely...
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    No. It can. And they are necessary for moderate to severe illinesses/conditions such as those dealing with mental illness or things like one's heart or liver. Insulin is an example of something required particularly for kids dealing with Type 1. Lithum is another since only bad things are going...
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    Pears , pears everywhere.

    I sometimes make my own, but I'll be the first to admit it's more of a custard in consistency. I also like the one from Bluebell and there is this wonderful one that comes in a jar. I forget the name, but it is expensive so I rarely get it. Other favorites are coconut and Barley's Creme served...
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    Note - Do not awaken sleeping insomniacs...violent when grumpy.

    I'm not sure why, but for some very odd reason people who sleep at night don't seem to understand that I don't. Therefore when I am finally asleep I don't want to be bothered. It isn't like I haven't made this a known fact. I have repeatedly told family and friends when they should leave me...