Why You Should Learn Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a combination of movement, breathing and meditation. As with many martial arts disciplines, it provides practitioners physical and mental benefits that enhance and surpass other types of medicinal practices.

The foundation of Tai Chi is founded around traditional Chinese medicine. In these beliefs, the body’s health is governed by a series of meridians which carry Qi through the body, including throughout the various organs. It is believed that the Qi can be interrupted, blocked or weakened. Any interruption in the natural flow of the Qi results in illness. These illnesses can be either mental or physical.

The primary goal of Tai Chi is to restore the natural flow of Qi. Due to this purpose, the movements are smooth and natural. Unlike other forms of exercise and martial arts, participants report that performing Tai Chi is a relaxing, enjoyable experience that leaves them feeling rested and calm following a round of Tai Chi.

Whether or not you believe in the explanation of unblocking the Qi, the results people around the globe have had following the discipline is undeniable. Followers report having a clearer and more relaxed mind immediately, often following just one day of Tai Chi.

Even the Mayo Clinic is a big believer in the mental benefits of practicing Tai Chi. According to their website, this traditional Chinese medicine can restore balance, reduce accidental falls, increase energy, boost agility, improve endurance, and provide a better night’s sleep. They also cite a reduction in nervous disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Since the discipline is by design relaxing, the every day stress and difficulties should gradually melt away as you master the meditation techniques inherent in the discipline.

Positive physical effects are also commonly with the discipline of Tai Chi. Regaining control of previously lost bodily functions have been largely reported by practitioners. These include muscle control lost due to surgery, and regaining strength lost due to cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, a reduction in blood pressure, better circulatory health and an lessening of chronic pain often accompanies the practice of Tai Chi.

Learning Tai Chi undoubtedly will provide boosts in your mental and physical health. As a side benefit to an increased quality of life, you will end up saving money on traditional western medicine that hasn’t cured your ills at all.

If you wish to reap the benefits of Tai Chi, the best method is to find a trainer who can teach you the ropes. This will increase the possibility of you learning the correct method of performing Tai Chi.

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