Why Growing Herbs Outside is So Rewarding

Growing herbs outside can be a relaxing and beneficial activity. Gardening is a wonderful way to feel a part of nature and get outside to enjoy the warmer months. The fulfillment that comes from growing your own herbs is unlike anything else in the world.

Herbs are easy to grow even for the novice gardener. They generally require little care and can grow in a number of different environments. Herbs require little space to thrive and add a unique beauty to the home and yard. An herb garden can be grown in a section of an existing garden or a bed in the yard. Herbs also grow well in containers. Container herb gardens can be placed on the porch, patio, or deck. This makes it possible for anyone, regardless of the size or location of the home, to grow fresh herbs outside.

For people who enjoy cooking, growing fresh herbs is a culinary delight that also makes financial sense. It is incredibly fulfilling to snip fresh herbs from the garden and use them immediately in the kitchen. Fresh herbs can be expensive. A small container of fresh herbs at the supermarket can cost as much as a potted herb at the garden center. Herbs from the store often vary in quality and do not keep for very long in the kitchen without drying out or spoiling. Herbs grown outside provide a constant supply of fresh herbs for cooking. Just one basil plant on a sunny patio can provide enough herbs to make fresh basil all summer long.

Perhaps nothing is more rewarding that drinking fresh herbal tea made from herbs that were grown at home. Mint makes a particularly nice tea, simply snip some mint from the plant, place in a cup, cover with boiling water, and let steep for several minutes.

Rosemary is a particularly beautiful, fragrant herb. Placing a clipping in olive oil will soon infuse the oil with its flavor. The oil can then be used for drizzling over fresh tomatoes or for dipping breads. Infused olive oils also make great gifts.

When you grow herbs at home, it is possible to try many varieties that you may never have seen in the grocery store. Herbs like pineapple sage and orange mint provide unique flavor combinations and a chance to try something new.

Herbs grow quickly. It can seem like the more you snip away from them to use, the more they grow and spread. Sharing herbs with friends and neighbors is a great way to introduce them to your new pastime and get them growing their own herbs.

Many herbs also have medicinal qualities. Lemon balm can be added to the bath to reduce muscle tension and soothe irritated skin. It has also been shown to help heal cold sores when dabbed onto the skin. Peppermint can help soothe the stomach and promote healthy digestion. Homemade peppermint tea is a great natural remedy for an upset stomach.

Growing herbs at home is rewarding to the mind and spirit. It’s also financially rewarding and can help enhance anyone’s quality of life. Once you grow fresh herbs, you will always want to have an herb garden in your home.

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