Where to Buy Essential Oils?

Where to Buy Essential Oils?Essential oils can be used in many different ways to improve your health. For many people, blending their own essential oils allows them to customize their ability to use the oils according to their needs. There are many places where you can buy essential oils, including online sources and local stores.


eBay can be an excellent source of essential oils. Many people make essential oils and sell through eBay because they can more easily reach a broader customer base. If you search for “essential oils” you will find literally thousands of sellers. If you are looking for a specific essential oil, you can usually find it in several different sizes, ranging from a few ounces to gallons. By comparing prices, you may be able to find good prices and save on shipping fees. If you are buying several different kinds of essential oils, you may be able to purchase them all from the same seller. In some cases, you will be able to get a discount by buying oils from eBay sellers this way.

Online Stores

Another good source for essential oils is online stores. You can find thousands of e-commerce sellers by simply conducting an online search for the specific oil you want to buy. In many cases, online sellers list the oils they sell and the qualities of each type of oil. They also offer a few different sizes, so you can buy as much or as little of the oil you want.

New Directions Aromatics is one online store that offers an extremely wide variety of essential oils. They offer undiluted essential oils that are distilled directly from plant materials, including flowers, bark, roots, leaves, fruits, spices and herbs. Many of their essential oils are available in several different varieties. For example, they offer 13 different varieties of lavender essential oil.

Mountain Rose Herbs is another online retailer offering a large selection of essential oils. Their oils are steam distilled and certified organic. The distillation process and quality control is supervised by a certified aromatherapist.

Traditional Retail Stores

You can also buy essential oils from a number of traditional retail stores. Natural food stores often have a natural beauty and health products section of the store where you can find small bottles of essential oils. Target and Walmart also have small selections of essential oils in the beauty products section of the store.

Health stores are often a good source for essential oils. Along with herbal remedies and food supplements, they usually have a portion of the store dedicated to essential oils. They may also have someone on staff who can help you if you have questions about a specific oil or would like to have a blend made for you.

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets

During the summer, many areas have local farmers markets where you can find people selling essential oils. It is not uncommon for a local farmer or grower to distill essential oils and sell them at the farmer’s market. This can be particularly true for growers who limit their products to a single type of essential oil. For example, lavender growers often sell their products at the farmer’s market, including essential oils, soaps and massage oils.

Flea markets can also be a good source for essential oils. You may find good prices for essential oils at a flea market and be able to have custom blends made for you onsite. Essential oils from flea market vendors may be manufactured by the seller or they may be oils that are being resold from other manufacturers.

Many people prefer buying essential oils directly from manufacturers whom they can talk to directly. This provides them with the opportunity to talk to the maker and ask questions about the distillation process and the sources of plant materials used to make the essential oil.

Buying essential oils is relatively easy once you know where to look. Depending on what you are looking for, you can usually find essential oils online or from retail health stores. You may even have luck finding essential oils from sellers at your local farmers market or flea market.

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