What to Consider When Buying a Tai Chi DVD

Martial arts instructional videos have been around since the late 1970’s. Over the course of several decades, producers have long since figured out what is needed to make a particular video helpful to the person watching it. Then, there are those videos that falter slightly in their presentation. As a consumer of such DVDs, a Tai Chi practitioner needs to look towards those videos that can deliver on expectations. The viewer wants a presentation that is well organized and helpful to the cause of learning the art. This means the video needs to embody certain impactful components. If it does not then the video will be of little benefit.

So, what should a Tai Chi DVD embody and what should a consumer look for in such a video? Here are a few of the prime components that a high quality Tai Chi video should reflect:

The first step to making sure you have the right Tai Chi video is to purchase a DVD that is appropriate to your experience level. Those that are just starting out will need a video that has been clearly designed for a “newbie” audience. This way, you increase your ability to learn the material since it will be presented in an experience appropriate level.

Look at the running time of the video. Avoid those DVDs that run less than a half an hour because they are usually cursory in their presentation. You want details because details help ensure you perform the exercises correctly.

Proper organization is a must. You do not want a Tai Chi DVD that jumps all over the proverbial map. Some DVDs will try to load up a video with a great deal of material. The motivating factor here is the assumption the consumer will feel he/she is getting more “bang for the buck” with the purchase. In reality, the consumer may end up getting a DVD that lacks clarity and coherency. Needless to say, that is not really the best way to learn Tai Chi from a DVD. Look towards those DVDs that are focused on their subject and do not deviate from it. For example, if you purchase a DVD on the Yang 24 form, you will want the DVD to stay on topic in a logical, orderly manner. You do not want it venturing off topic or presenting disjointed material. Remember, the clearer and more organized the video is, the easier it will be to learn the material.

The DVD should also provide slow motion presentations of the material. It is not easy to pick up all the fine points of a movement when it is shown at its natural speed. That is why it is helpful that the DVD offers a slow motion replay of all presented material. Such a replay should also come with effective narration so the viewer can pick up on what is going on.

Just be wary of these videos that go overboard with replays. Padding the running time of the DVD is not the sign of a good production.

Actually, consumers need to look towards purchasing a Tai Chi DVD that has effective narration from beginning to end. Tai Chi is not based on random moves. The movements are selected very carefully and are designed to attain specific results and improvements in breathing, posture, and body alignment. Simply viewing such a video will not reveal all these fine details. With effective narration as part of the mix, the viewer will discover it is much easier to learn the material.

It also never hurts when the DVD explains the martial applications of the moves in a form. Now, some may say they are only interested in the holistic health benefits of Tai Chi. What value would the martial applications have for them? Basically, understanding the reasons behind the movements allows you to perform them better. This allows the viewer to get more out of the Tai Chi DVD than would be possible if the viewer was utterly in the dark on the movements.

Following most of the these points will help increase the odds you purchase the proper Tai Chi DVD. That will certainly prove to be a plus since the proper DVD will aid in your development of the proper performance of the exercises.

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