What Is a Reiki Attunement?

You may be interested in discovering alternative methods to improving your health. One method you may have heard of during your research is reiki attunement. To give you a better understanding of what a reiki attunement actually is, here is an explanation.

Reiki is a name for a spiritual healing method that was developed in the early 1920’s by a man named Dr. Usui. The system he developed revolves around the concept that a person’s health is determined by spiritual energy. This spiritual energy can exist as different levels, and these different levels of spiritual energy determine the health of the body, mind, and spirit. If these levels of spiritual energy fall, it is believed that a person is in danger of falling into poor health.

To maintain one’s spiritual energy and thus maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit, a person will need to receive what is referred to as a reiki attunement. A reiki attunement must be given by someone who is a reiki master. However, receiving a reiki attunement means you become a reiki master as well.

This may seem strange, but it is a very easy concept to understand. Unlike other contexts in which the word master is used, a student does not need to go through an apprenticeship, practice certain techniques, or even study to become a master. Instead, the process simply occurs when a master shares his or her spiritual energy with that person.

There are no strong requirements that dictate exactly who can receive a reiki attunement. It can simply be anyone that the reiki master wishes to pass his or her spiritual energy on to. For the reiki attunement to work, though, the one receiving the attunement must be a willing participant open to the experience. A reiki master cannot, for example, perform a reiki attunement on someone who is not aware an attunement is being performed.

The spiritual energy that is transferred to the recipient of a reiki attunement is referred to as life force. Followers of the reiki belief system believe that this life force is passed onto the recipient of a reiki attunement with the assistance of other worldly spiritual beings. Reiki, however, is not an official religion. Followers of reiki believe that a person of any religion or background can practice it. In fact, many people who perform and receive reiki attunements believe it has helped them become more in tune with their own religion.

Once someone receives a reiki attunement, it is believed they now possess excess life force. This excess life force allows this person to also become a reiki master. Once a person has become a reiki master, that person can pass this excess life force onto others through his or her own reiki attunement ceremonies.

The life force transferred during a reiki attunement is not believed to be something that can wane over time. Once someone receives a reiki attunement, that person keeps that extra life force until he or she decides to pass it on to another. The amount of life force a person has cannot be altered due to behavior or decisions that person may make later on.

Reiki attunements are believed to come in three different levels. The third is the highest level that is obtainable through reiki. It is likely to only be achieved by masters who are very experienced in reiki and have achieved an especially high level of life force.

Receiving a first level reiki attunement, however, does not take any experience or training of any kind. The student must simply have an open mind so the life force can be passed on from the master. It is, however, suggested that certain behaviors be avoided for up to three days before the attunement to produce the best results. For example, it is suggested that a first time recipient of an attunement avoid consuming meat, sweets, and alcohol during this time span. Spending time exercising and mediating is also suggested.

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