What Do I Have To Do TO Get A Good Massage?

Getting a massage can be an intimidating experience for many people. From being semi-undressed with a total stranger to not knowing what to expect, massage can be an overwhelming experience for many. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that will help a client receive the best treatment available and ease them into the relaxing world of massage.

One of the many mistakes that people make is expecting their massage therapist to read their mind. While a skilled therapist will have an arsenal of tips, tricks and years of experience that will help to ease your tension, they are still not mind readers. What can do wonders for one person may be highly uncomfortable to the next client. It’s important to remember every person has a different level of pain and sensitivity.
Clients often assume that their therapist will automatically “sense” where the client is feeling pain and stress, but this is not always the case. By letting your massage therapist know exactly where you are feeling pain and how much pressure you like during a massage, you are helping your therapist to give you the best treatment possible. Always be direct in what you expect from your experience, your therapist will appreciate this approach.
Different types of massage also offer different benefits. A standard Swedish massage focuses on the full body and helps to relieve tension and stress. This is a wonderful massage to receive if someone has never received a massage before. During a Swedish massage, your therapist can offer light to deep pressure, depending on the client’s needs. If someone is experiencing intense muscle pain, tension or has had a history of pain, this type of massage may not do the trick. For people that require deeper pressure to loosen their muscles, a deep tissue massage may be the way to go.
During a deep-tissue massage, the therapist uses more intense pressure combined with more specialized techniques in order to loosen muscles tissue in order to relieve pain. This type of massage is definitely not for everyone and especially not for the faint of heart. Many clients experience bruising, swelling and stiffness for a few days after treatment while their muscles are healing.
Another type of massage that is beneficial for people seeking a relaxing experience is aromatherapy massage. This massage is usually a full body Swedish massage that incorporates a relaxing aromatherapy scent to heighten the senses and increase stress release during the service. The massage therapist can modify the pressure they use in order to better suit a particular client.
To ensure that they receive the best treatment possible, a client should decide whether they are looking for a calming and relaxing experience, or a more in-depth, specialized treatment. With all the variety of different massage services available, it will not be difficult for people to find a service to suit them.
Getting a great massage requires communication between the client and therapist, as well as the client having some understanding of what to expect with a service. Knowing what kind of treatment they need helps a client feel more in control of their experience. When a client is knowledgeable about the type of massage they are getting or need, they will be able to relax and enjoy their moment of serenity.

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