Using Honey As a Natural Cure to Constant Coughing

Honey can serve as a great natural cure for constant coughing. Safe, natural, and delicious, honey soothes and coats the throat, helping to ease irritation and treat a cough. While honey is not a coughing cure-all, it can be a great source of temporary relief. In some studies, honey has even outperformed many popular cough syrups containing the cough suppressant dextromethorphan.

Coughing is one of the most common cold symptoms. It is especially common in young children who may go through cold season with a constant cough or sore throat. Coughing is not only painful and annoying to the person who is sick, but can also make it very difficult to sleep through the night and get through daily activities.

Many parents may prefer honey to cough syrups for their children. Of course honey is much more natural than dextromethorphan, but honey also doesn’t taste like medicine, which makes it a treatment that small children will be happy to take. It also doesn’t contain the artificial dyes and flavors that are found in many popular children’s cough syrups. Parents can safely give honey to their children without worrying about side effects from medications.

Honey is an amazing substance. It contains natural antimicrobial properties and has been prized for its medicinal qualities throughout history. Many cultures relied on honey as a treatment for colds and other ailments. Darker honey, like buckwheat honey, is a good choice because it provides more antioxidants in each spoonful than lighter colored honey. All honey will provide great benefits and cough relief.

Honey can be taken simply by the small spoonful or mixed with a number of complements. Lemon juice is one popular option. Making a lemon and honey tea is a good way to soothe a cough and sore throat while also getting a great dose of vitamins and a soothing method of delivery. Boil water for the tea and then add fresh squeezed lemon juice honey. The lemon juice is great for the immune system, while the honey and hot water will soothe the throat and help to relieve a constant cough. If the lemon burns your sore throat too much, drinking a spoonful of honey in hot water can be a good alternative.

Lemon and honey tea is a great thing to have just before bed when you have a cold. It can help to keep a cough at bay long enough to get to sleep for the night. Honey is a simple natural cure that’s worth a try next time you’re faced with a constant cough.

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