Using Aromatherapy for Natural Stress Relief

Using Aromatherapy for Natural Stress ReliefAromatherapy is a popular method of alternative medicine that dates back to the early 1900’s. It was originally developed by European doctors but the term “aromatherapy” first appeared in a French book entitled “Aromathérapie: Les Huiles Essentielles, Hormones Végétales”. It was written by a chemist by the name of René-Maurice Gattefossé, who claimed that he burned his hand but was able to treat it with lavender oil. True to its name, aromatherapy makes use of aroma or scents and oils as a means of therapy. Studies have shown that essential oils and aroma compounds have the ability to change an individual’s mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive health and well-being. Most of these oils have highly therapeutic uses but others have been known to likewise treat microbial infections. Studies are still being conducted to prove the effects of aromatherapy against viral or fungal infections.

Aromatherapy has many uses and benefits. One of its many beneficial applications is using aromatherapy for natural stress relief. Stress is an inevitable aspect of life. Human beings, regardless of age, gender, race, or status, will undergo stress several times in their lifetime. Stress will come in varying degrees, depending on the causes and situations that trigger it. Stress can induce a lot of negative effects to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Headaches, acne, indigestion, palpitations are some common manifestations of stress. Allergies, listlessness, fatigue, and sluggishness are also common occurrences in a person’s life if they are under a lot of stress. Experiencing stress will usually hinder a person’s normal routine—this can lead to absences from work or school, ruptured social and personal relationships, and many others. This is why a lot of medical practitioners have suggested a variety of methods to counter stress. Some of the options involve the intake of medicines, some entail a simple vacation, and some also suggest alternative medicine such as aromatherapy.

Although there are a number of private establishments that offer aromatherapy, the treatment may be usually availed of in spas and wellness centers. Dermatological clinics sometimes offer this as a side treatment. Since aromatherapy only uses oils and aromatic compounds, it is a natural stress-buster. You do not need to take prescription medicine that may have adverse side effects. By simply exposing yourselves to aromatic oil formulas, you can allow yourself moments of stress relief. Some of the oils, which have sedating effects, are chamomile, petitgrain, opopanax, and valerian. Sample oils that can relax you, on the other hand, are bergamot, lavender, marjoram, orange, neroli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and lemon.

By massaging these oils and aromatic compounds into your skin, you avail yourself of a deeper, more relaxing means of aromatherapy. Apart from beating stress, you are also doing your skin a favor. These oil formulas are healthy for your skin. Some oils and liniments can also ease pain and muscle ache apart from relieving you from stress. Some people prefer undergoing massage with aromatherapy because it soothes their tired, aching muscles on top of relaxing their body and mind through aromatherapy. The ingredients used in aromatherapy are natural and thus, you can be assured that the treatment you are getting are natural and not harmful to your overall well-being. Apart from aromatic massages, another alternative treatment under aromatherapy would be bathing under scented oils. This has a similar calming effect on your body and still gives you that natural stress relief.

Stress comes all the time, considering the kind of life we normally live—work, families, and relationships are all potential sources of stress. It would be impossible to avoid stress completely for the rest of your life. The most you can do is to cope with stress with natural means in order that you do not endanger yourself and expose your body to further diseases. This is why natural methods such as aromatherapy is highly recommended. It has multiple benefits and it is easily accessible.

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