The Reiki Healing Touch FAQ

Although Reiki has become much more familiar to the average person over the last few years, many still do not understand this gentle, effective form of stress relief, relaxation and healing. This article will answer several common questions about Reiki for those who wish to know more.

1. Can anyone learn Reiki?

Technically, anyone can practice Reiki. The universal energy that is channeled through Reiki practice is available to everyone. To properly and efficiently channel and work with this energy, though, you must have an attunement provided by a Master Level Reiki practitioner. Without this attunement, Reiki will not move through you to be available to help others.

2. Is Reiki dangerous?

Reiki is connected to universal energy that always works for the ultimate good. Reiki by its nature cannot do harm. Reiki practitioners do not actually control Reiki, but facilitate its movement. In the long run, Reiki always goes where it is needed to bring about the best possible result for all concerned.

3. Is Reiki compatible with other religious teachings?

Reiki on its own is not a religion or a religious teaching. The concept of universal energy is found in other religions and philosophies. Though some people might not feel that Reiki fits their personal beliefs, many find it complementary to their individual religious practice.

4. Can I have Reiki treatment in addition to conventional medical treatment?

Yes. In fact, it is highly recommended that you receive a conventional diagnosis from a doctor if you are suffering from a particular malady. Reiki is not meant to replace the healing knowledge of a physician. It can, however, help you become more receptive to healing and can help your body heal itself. Many people have experienced tremendous results when receiving Reiki treatment in addition to traditional medicine.

5. How much does it cost to learn Reiki?

The cost of Reiki workshops and classes differs according to the practitioner offering the class. Most Reiki teachers provide classes at a low cost–just sufficient to cover their time and materials. Others believe that a higher cost for training ensures that those who enroll will take their training seriously. Some teachers, by contrast, provide attunements and classes for free.

6. How can I choose a Reiki teacher?

If you wish to take a Reiki class, it might help to ask for a referral from a friend who has taken the class before. Whenever you are deciding on a Reiki teacher, be sure that his or her philosophy meshes with yours. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular teacher or in a particular class, this might not be the right place for you to receive your Reiki attunement.

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