The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy You Always Wanted to Know

Massage therapy is generally used to help one relax and to alleviate muscle stiffness or simply unwind. It is also believed it works as a treatment to many other conditions as follows: asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, bulimia, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, eczema, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain and more. The evidence that massage therapy is beneficial for some medical purposes is not strong. The most principal reason for this is: Using the greatest purposes, it is formidable to verify success of a hands-on test such as therapy massage, since a placebo is not common.

There are several types of massage therapy. We will look at some of the most standard massage therapy used today including the benefits.

Swedish Massage Therapy is one of, if not the most, used massage therapies today. Swedish massage therapists use five major strokes and a variety of variations to achieve its stress relief and client wellness.

‘Effeurage’ – is a stroke of Swedish massage therapy which is accomplished with long, gliding strokes processed from the neck down to the bottom of the spine or from the shoulder to the ends of the fingers. After finishing the limbs, all strokes are in the direction of the heart to help blood and lymphatic surge. Effeurage is performed with the entire hand or the thumb pads and is meant to acquaint the therapist with his or her client’s body and vice versa.

‘Petrissage’ – is another variation of Swedish massage that includes carefully lifting muscles up and away from the bones. Next, the muscles are rolled and squeezed with a gentle pressing on them. This variation of Swedish massage therapy ordinarily works with kneading and pressure motions – involves rolling, squeezing, or putting pressure on the muscles to bring about better circulation. Petrissage aims to enhance circulation by clearing toxins from muscle and nerve tissue.

‘Friction’ – is the greatest penetrating of the different strokes. This variation of Swedish massage uses deep circular or crosswise movements using thumb pads or fingertips. The therapist makes deep, circular moves near joints and nearby bones. Friction collapses adhesions, which are a kind of knot that appears when muscle fibers wrap together during a time of healing. This procedure helps recover more flexible muscles and joints.

‘Tapotement’ – is an important variation of Swedish massage therapy that includes several briskly powerful impacted moves, using the hands alternately to gently hit or tap the muscles for a stimulating effect. There is a great variety in the way this stroke is provided. It may be delivered with the right edge of the hand, tips of the fingers or with a tight fist. Tapotement aims to release tautness or rigidity and cramps from spasm of muscles.

‘Vibration or Shaking’ – This variation of Swedish massage therapy is approached by the therapist applying pressure with his or her hands on the back or limbs and shaking rapidly for several seconds. This move increases circulation and builds the strength of the muscles to contact. This sort of quivering or trembling motion is especially helpful to people who suffer from low-back pain.

Warmed River Stone Massage – This special massage employs the use of warmed smooth river stones. These stones help enhance the soothing benefits of the massage together with the hands-on method. The warm river stones are positioned in essential places to help improve relaxation, incite circulation and give relief to low-grade aches and pains.

Therapeutic Massage – Our muscles, tendons and ligaments, work to keep the body together which gives us mobility. Muscle fibers may become overly shortened or stretched longer by our everyday movements. Repetitive work, sports, repetitive exercise, over-use and not lifting properly can cause tight ligaments, joints and shorten range of motion. It can also cause soreness of joints and muscles. This therapeutic adept muscle manipulation can heal the discomfort and secure muscle fibers to grow correctly.

Seniors Massage Therapy – Massage Therapy for seniors is often combined with therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch is a very gentle way of touching and massage with special creams or lotions. This kind of touch/massage may be a good way to initiate massage therapy to some new clients and children as well as seniors.

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