Tai Chi Beginner Classes – Great for Children

Tai Chi is frequently thought of as a martial arts for older people. And, while it is commonly true that older people enjoy the slow pace of the training, kids can find Tai Chi is quite a lot of fun to take part in. Sure, most kids are found in karate and jiu jitsu classes. Yet, it would be unwise to dismiss the value of Tai Chi for kids.

One reason is that the art is easy to learn and any kid can do it. This is not to say the art is simplistic. Rather, it does not require a lot of difficult moves to perform. This reduces the potential for injury which most parents will certainly find appealing.

Also appealing with Tai Chi practice is that it promotes mental focus and calmness of mind. This will aid in helping a young one develop the peaceful attitude that keeps them out of trouble. Martial arts are not always about fighting. Often, it is the non-fighting components that are the best part of training in the arts.

This does not mean, however, that there are no self-defense components to training in the arts. Tai Chi’s holistic nature really did not start to develop until many centuries after it was originally developed. There are some fine self-defense components to it which is also a plus.

The type of self-defense that is taught in the particular class will depend on the specific style of Tai Chi. Generally, there will be a mix of throws, locks, and strikes. With a kid’s class, the emphasis will certainly not be on violent behavior and will assuredly be toned down to be a little more palatable. Additionally, Tai Chi is much like Aikido in the sense that it involves a lot of yielding and redirecting of force. By that definition, the art becomes a lot more defensive than aggressive which many parents will find appealing.

There is also a competitive aspect to Tai Chi. Forms competition and point matches in tournaments feature Tai Chi practitioners. These tournaments can be a lot of fun and they help instill the winner’s mindset in children.

Of course, Tai Chi also promotes holistic living which is always helpful to instill in children. If you want your child to live a healthy life, helping them enter into hobbies that promote such a lifestyle is always recommended. Tai Chi may be the perfect venue for them in this regard.

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