Stop Smoking Herbs- Another Choice For Kicking the Habit!

One of the biggest plagues of societal health, not just in current times, but going back so far as the American Indians, has been the use of tobacco smoking. It may not have been so bad back in the days when the Indians roamed and there weren’t so many enclosed spaces, but now its hard to argue with the dangers of tobacco smoking in closely enclosed vehicles and restaurants and the ever more crowded sidewalks. Which is perhaps the reason more people are attempting to quit smoking as opposed to continue shoving the dangerous chemicals through their system. But the conventional methods to quit smoking don’t always work. Nicotine patches and hypnosis are great methods for some, but others need a little more of a push. And that’s where stop smoking herbs come in.

A lot of people are disbelieving when it comes to the power of using herbs to stop smoking. But there are many people, and entire societies that place a lot of faith in certain herbs. What are these herbs and how can they help you stop smoking? Well lets look at a few:

Valerian is one of the more well known herbs. It’s also used for sedation. It works to relieve anxiety (which is one of the common reasons people keep smoking- the nicotine in the cigarette acts to mimic this function) and relax the muscles. This allows the smoker (or non-smoker soon enough!) to stay relaxed and focused when going through their everyday activities and lives.

Another herb that helps to relieve anxiety, among other uses, is Avena Sativa. This oddly named stop smoking herb is often used to stop addiction- not just to smoking, but also to narcotics, opiates, and other products with nicotine in them. Its main uses, of course, are to stop smoking addiction, and it does so well by alleviating the need for nicotine. However there are herbs that don’t work to simply free one from an addiction to nicotine.

Black Cohosh is an example of one of these herbs. Black Cohosh is used by some women to help them through their cycles. Why? Because it relieves irritability, makes the user less nervous and restless, and just generally helps to relax, regardless of whether you have nicotine in your system or not. It helps smokers because of the restlessness that comes with not having that much wanted smoke. The herb is a great alternative to regular sedatives that take your alertness away too much.

Most of the herbs above are Indian herbs (Asian India, not American Indian) and as a result they are more readily available in India and surrounding countries, but there are some herbs that are common both in Asian territories and on other continents because of their widespread use. Some examples are Korean Ginseng, which helps for people that are truly on their way to quitting smoking. It helps to maintain energy levels and can be a life saver on those days when you just feel like giving in. It helps to balance your body and get the nicotine cravings out of your system after you have been trying to quit for a while.

For one final herb, you may want to give a look to Mimosa Tea (Mimosa Hostilis), which is fairly easy to find. You can use this stop smoking herb to help deal with headaches. It works wonders even if you don’t have a problem with smoking to do that. This tea can also help boost you up and keep you calm its not addictive, unlike nicotine.

With so many herbs, you’re probably wondering exactly where to start to change yourself into a non smoker? I suggest trying out each of these herbs. There are different ways to use them all, but usually mixing them in with hot water and forming tea is the preferred and easiest method. Stop smoking herbs are some of the best ways to eliminate your addiction to cigarettes. Before you start, though, make sure you understand that quitting smoking is a process and fighting the addiction may seem impossible at first, but you can do it, like so many others. Good luck in your journey to stop smoking, and I hope these herbs help you!

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