Sinus Pressure Points For Drug Free Headache Relief

If you look at the medical information for most pain relievers, you may find the side effects to be completely unacceptable. When the well being of your internal organs such as your liver, often hit hard by over the counter medication, is in question, it’s time to consider other remedies that can give you comparable and lasting relief. If you suffer from headaches, perhaps considering sinus pressure points is a good alternative.

Also called acupressure, sinus pressure points are a treatment originally found in traditional Chinese medicine. Using the slight force against certain points of the body, called acupressure points, relief can be almost immediate for those suffering from headaches and other conditions. Those who suffer from acute headaches, migraines or sinus headaches can find the experience debilitating. These headaches can interfere with normal life, causing many issues to overcome in both the short and long term. It is important to know the techniques involved with sinus pressure points in order to avoid over consumption of medication.

Head Pressure Points

Called the Gb20, this pressure point is located at the base of the skull. You need to be sitting or lying down when using it. Place your hands on your head. With your thumbs, locate the depressions outside the large muscles that run down the sides of your neck. Approximately two inches outside the middle of your neck, use your thumbs to press in and slightly upward toward your eyes. You should feel a manageable pain. Keep pressing only as long as the pain is comfortable. While pushing, start massaging the area as well for one to two minutes. These pressure points are effective in relieving headaches in the temple area.

Another head pressure point is located in the triangular indentation just above the bridge of your nose and midway between your eyebrows. By applying pressure right in the middle of this indentation with the tip of your thumb while supporting your head with your other hand, you can ease eye pain and fatigue.

If you run your index finger over your eyebrows, you will find a small indentation in the bony ridge of your eye socket, directly over your pupil. By applying pressure with your thumbs to these indentations simultaneously, you can relieve pressure in your sinuses.

Hand Pressure Points

Hand Pressure Points are also referred to as Co4. It is important to be careful with these pressure points if you are pregnant, as they can bring on contractions. They are located on both hands, and they relieve pain in the head and face such as sinus headaches and toothaches. This point is found in the area between where the thumb and index finger join. You will want to apply pressure about 1.5 inches in from the webbing by pressing down with your left thumb on your right hand point, while placing your left index finger on the palm side of the webbing. Now you can press on and massage the point in small circular motions for a couple of minutes. Repeat the same technique on the other hand. You might consider closing your eyes and focusing on the points while applying pressure.

Foot Pressure Points

There is a pressure point located on the top of the foot between the big toe and second toe. It can be located by running your finger toward your ankle to the point where the bones of the big toe and second toe meet. Run your fingers back and forth from the junction to the toes while applying moderate pressure to achieve relief for sinus headaches.

There are several ways to relieve pain and pressure for sinus headaches and other problems. And while very effective, it is important to still check with your doctor if problems persist. In some instances, conditions can exist that are life threatening. Make sure you have your health covered while utilizing sinus pressure points to relieve your headache.

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