Showering With Essential Oils From Herbs

Essential oils made from herbs can be used for many different purposes. From giving your home and surroundings a fresh, pleasant scent, to treating minor ailments, herbal essential oils are some of the most versatile natural therapies you can find. Be sure to look for pure essential oils instead of fragrance oils, which often include some synthetic or chemical component.

One of the easiest ways to use herbal essential oils is in the shower. You can take the essential oil of your choice and add it to your shampoo or your liquid soap, or even spray the walls of your shower with it using a spray bottle. Not only will your shower smell wonderful but you will be able to breathe in the oil’s healing essence and get the results you are seeking. You should be careful, however, and avoid putting the undiluted oil directly on your skin, as some oils are volatile and can burn.

Which herbal essential oils should you choose? That depends on what you would like them to accomplish. Essential oils all have their own special healing properties and if used correctly are very effective. If your goal is to be able to relax more before going to bed so that you can sleep better, you may want to try showering before bed and including calming essential oils in your shower routine. Try these herbal essential oils for a calming and relaxing shower experience.

Chamomile essential oil, extracted from chamomile flowers in a steam distillation process, can have the same sedative effect as chamomile tea.

Lavender essential oil has a calming effect, in addition to helping prevent headaches and insomnia.

Linden blossom has a strong floral scent and can help with insomnia and migraines.

If you would like more energy or mental alertness, try showering in the morning before going to work, school, or beginning your daily chores, and use the following energizing oils while showering.

Eucalyptus has a clear and memorable aroma and is refreshing and energizing.

Peppermint’s sharp, strong smell is said to contribute to clearing brain fog and improving concentration.

If you would simply like to experience some stress relief while in the shower, you can try these essential oils.

Bergamot eases stress and has an aroma that is a combination of citrus and floral.

Clary sage is good at relieving stress, in addition to coughs, sore throat, and menstrual irregularities.

Lemongrass has a strong and pleasant fresh lemon scent and is good at getting rid of stress.

Marjoram relieves not just stress but hypertension and muscle aches and cramps.

To add some healing power to your shampooing regimen, try these essential oils for natural hair care.

Sage is a good essential oil to use for combating oily or greasy hair.

Rosemary essential oil can treat and prevent dandruff by improving circulation to the scalp.

The above oils are just a small sampling of the options available to you if you wish to use essential oils as therapeutic agents while showering. Evaluate your own health needs and goals to make a decision as to which oil is best for you.

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