Self Hypnosis Secrets – Lose Weight By Breaking Your Addiction to Food

Fatty foods are quite literally addictive, to the point that rats who have been exposed to them will suffer through electric shocks just to get more of them. This is because the food activates dopamine in the brain, causing you to experience pleasure, or more accurately, desire. Dopamine does not cause people to feel satisfied, it simply causes them to crave something. For this reason, trying to lose weight can cause you to suffer both mentally and physically.

Thankfully, it is possible to use the same process to cut off your addiction to food. You become addicted to food by repeating the same behavior over and over again. Through self hypnosis, you can repeat a different behavior in order to break your addiction. With that in mind, here are the steps to you need to take in order to end your addiction to food and lose weight.

Start by finding a quiet place that is dimly lit and allows you to feel at peace. You may find it helpful to play relaxing music as well, since this serves to make it more difficult to get distracted by small sounds which can ruin your concentration.

Next, sit down and close your eyes. Make yourself comfortable. It might be helpful to use a chair that reclines slightly so that you feel at rest. You may also want to cover yourself with a light blanket. The idea is that you feel comfortable but you do not fall asleep. If you feel like you might fall asleep, let yourself fall asleep and hypnotize yourself at another time.

Count down from ten to one slowly. Each time you count off a number, speak words to yourself that encourage you to feel more and more relaxed. For example: “Ten, I’m becoming relaxed. Nine, I’m going deeper. Eight, my body and mind are feeling comfortable. Seven, I am becoming completely relaxed…” It is very important to do this slowly. No amount of rushing will get you to hypnosis faster. You must take it slowly and feel yourself let go.

Once you feel completely relaxed, repeat to yourself words that will allow you to change your behaviors. Speak the words to yourself in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Do not bark orders at yourself. Tell yourself that cutting your cravings will become effortless, that your desire to eat unhealthy foods is drifting away, and so on. When you feel that you have told yourself everything that you need to hear, allow yourself to stretch your body and come back into contact with the outside world.

It may be a good idea to record your first hypnosis sessions so that the next time you do it you can just play back the words without needing to think about them, allowing you to feel more relaxed.

The important part about this process is that it must be repeated several times. You can not end an addiction through the use of one hypnosis session. It must be repeated, the same way that repetition built the addiction in the first place. Be patient about it, let it become a part of your routine, and it will become much easier for you to deal with your addiction to food.

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