Safe and Natural Herbs for Treating ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a problem that impacts the lives of a large percentage of people in the United States. ADHD is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The brain’s ability to process external stimulants becomes impaired by the lack of a certain chemical called norepinephrine. The individual who suffers from ADHD becomes overwhelmed by the large amount of unfiltered information that bombards them during a normal day. Herbal treatments are designed to help balance the brain’s levels of norepinephrine and help organize the sensory information.

Common Symptoms of ADHD

People who suffer from ADHD have a variety of common symptoms. The most noticeable is probably their lack of ability to focus or concentrate for long periods of time. Sufferers may be restless and feel the need to move around more often. ADHD patients can become very irritable or suffer from extreme mood swings as they deal with the overwhelming sensory input that they experience all of the time. Another common symptom is a lack of short term memory. Patients have trouble focusing on details, and may seem to have very inconsistent mental processes. ADHD makes it difficult for sufferers to do well in school or normal work situations because they lack the ability to concentrate and sit still for long periods of time.

Why Natural Alternatives are Safer

There are several prescription medications for ADHD available on the market today. Doctors may prescribe tranquilizers or other anti-anxiety medications to slow down the ADHD sufferer’s metabolism and allow them to relax while they learn to operate with their neural imbalance. These medications carry a significant risk of severe side effects, however. Many of the most common ADHD prescription drugs have been shown to cause depression and even suicidal feelings. The fact that they slow the processes of a patient’s metabolism also leads to problems with the internal organs. Natural herbal remedies can provide effective relief from the symptoms of ADHD without the stresses and danger that pharmaceuticals cause.

Effective Organic Herbs for ADHD

Organic herbal treatments for ADHD work with your body’s natural systems to combat the problems that ADHD causes. Some of the most popular treatments include German Chamomile, Gotu Kola, Scuttelaria, Rooibos, American Ginseng, and Choline. Each of these herbs supports your body’s ability to overcome the symptoms of ADHD that can make it difficult to operate in normal society. American Ginseng, for example, is an excellent way to enhance cognitive ability and improve your concentration levels. Choline also enhances the effectiveness of neural processors and helps improve memory and alertness.

Possible Side Effects from ADHD Herbs

Herbal remedies are not without side effects, however. Natural organic treatments are not tested by the FDA, so their overall effects have not been widely documented through research. Some possible problems with these herbs include restlessness, nausea, and headaches. Compared to the problems that have been documented through the use of prescription pharmaceutical ADHD medications, however, the herbal remedy side effects seem very mild. The natural substances contained in herbal remedies are more readily assimilated by the human body, which makes them safer and more effective than prescription medications in general.

Homeopathic Herbal Options

An herbal ADHD treatment option that is more scientifically researched is homeopathic herbs. These treatments are created by researchers who combine safe organic substances into medications that are designed to treat several symptoms at once. The dosages are controlled carefully to help you avoid possible discomfort from side effects. Homeopathic ADHD medications are developed under the supervision of homoepathic specialists. They work on a cellular level to combat the root causes of the disease.

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