Relieve Sinus Congestion and Allergies

Alternative medicine is growing in popularity as we learn more and more about our bodies toxicity levels and the impact that traditional medications can have on our long term well being. A lot is still undetermined about common medications and new discoveries are made daily of adverse effects that pharmacists and physicians were unaware of before these drugs hit the market. There has been a a definite movement toward environmental awareness across the world and many societies are beginning to consume a more natural, organic diet in the interim. The substitution of general drugs with natural herbs and home remedies has become a large part of this movement.

No one is saying that all chemically enhanced drugs have adverse effects, but the danger that is being realized often lies in the fact that everyone’s toxicity thresholds are different. To put it in simple terms, one too many Tylenol for John can be 3 under the harmful line to be crossed for Jane. Many are finding that when they apply the ‘natural package’ to a symptom they not only take care of the current problem, but can actually get to the route of the cause of the problem, to most likely prevent reoccurrence. ‘Natural package’ refers to the holistic medical practice, in a sense, that includes not only the issue at hand, but all other systems of the body that may be playing a part in your body’s natural response. Your circulation, your muscles, your skin, your digestion, your mind; one of these may exhibit a symptom, while all play a part in the causation.

Allergies are one of the best examples to demonstrate the ease of substitution for those that would like to minimize chemical drug use. Irritation of the nasal cavity is your body’s natural response to an allergen, due to your immune system recognizing a substance as foreign and triggering your white blood cells to put up a defense. The defense is not necessary, as we know, pollen is, in fact, not a harmful substance. Some people just form an immune system at birth that has a disorder, in a sense, and does not know any better than to react harshly.

Some of the most widely used alternatives include nettle leaf (freeze dried perhaps), quercetin supplements, antioxidants that help cells release the histamine that causes inflammation, and of course saline or salt water. All of these can be used to elicit the same calming response from your body that over the counter or prescription medicine may. The benefit; not a single chemical telling your body what to do, nor do you face a lengthy list of warnings advising you to take several cautionary measures. One more alternative, natural substance that has been conceived as having positive effects on an allergic reaction is an herb called butterbur. This herb, discovered in Europe, works like a strong antihistamine, proven to be as powerful as a typical doctor prescribed medication, however caution is also recommended if the toxic substance called pyrrolozidine alkaloid has not been removed. This substance can be very harmful to the liver and kidneys.

Procedures like acupuncture or other homeopathic rituals are also chosen methods for all natural allergy relief. The list goes on and on as to what the right alternatives may be for you, to suit your lifestyle or taste. It is highly recommended to consult a Naturopathic Physician before beginning any natural alternative regimen. Any combination of substitutes can be harmful if not used correctly or used in the wrong context. If you are just diving into a natural, organic lifestyle and are looking for advice, remember to consider that step one in cleansing your body of toxins and creating a fresh start is a nourishing, wholesome, healthy diet. Our bodies run on fuel produced by the food and substances that we consume. A prolific, active lifestyle can be yours.

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