Reiki Is Simply A Spiritual Practice In The Art Of Healing

Many people know very little about the practice of Reiki. It is a spiritual practice that was developed back in 1922 by Mikao Usui a Japanese Buddhist. Essentially this is a practice in which it is believed that the Reiki practitioner can use the healing energy from the palms of their hands to heal others. Reiki is not difficult and has no odd rituals.
It is gaining popularity as more and more people are turning to alternative healing arts instead of traditional western medicine.

The draw for many is that Reiki is a non-invasive procedure and requires no drugs. Many people have become frustrated with modern medicine and the long list of recalled drugs in the United States. Most people are turning to alternative medicines out of desperation. Modern medicine only offers relief of symptoms but not many cures and most prescription drugs on the market have major side effects.

The premise of Reiki is that it can reduce stress and induce relaxation and this in turn activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The first part of the word Rei means Higher Power or God’s Wisdom and the second part of the word ki refers to an unseen energy flow. If a person’s energy flow is low, the belief is this typically is when a person will experience illness. Reiki is used to treat the entire body, mind and soul. It is a flow of healing energy that is transferred from the practitioner to the patient. It is considered a very spiritual process.

As with anything in the world these days, attitude plays a major role in the results. Many people have cancer and some survive and some do not. Most physicians will tell you they notice a significant difference in patients that have accepted their disease and have a positive attitude. Usually the people with the positive attitude tend to have more favorable results. The same is with Reiki. There are many reviews and some are very good and some are not so favorable. A great number of people claim pretty incredible results while others state that it did absolutely nothing to improve their health.

It is important to mention that Reiki is not a religion, therefore, you do not have to alter your religious beliefs to seek treatment. It is very spiritual and many people claim that it has enhanced their spirituality and has even helped them to reconnect with their religious beliefs. Many people feel that it is similar to meditation in that it raises a person’s awareness, clarity and over all feeling of well being.

Reiki may not be for everyone, however, if you are feeling stressed and life seems to be going too fast, you may find it to be helpful. Many people do not have the time or patience for meditation and Reiki may at least help you to relax and alleviate some stress that you are experiencing. Reiki is a personal choice and a personal experience but it is nothing to be afraid of and it does not involve any rituals. If it is something you want to consider, you may want to ask friends, family or even coworkers if they have ever tried Reiki. Otherwise, you can search online and find a practitioner in your area and give it a try.

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