Reiki Hands-On-Healing

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. The underlying premise of Reiki is that it taps into life force energy through strategic placement of hands. This non-invasive technique of relaxing touch brings the body’s energy back into alignment and balance. Reiki will help with stress reduction through gentle energy healing.
Reiki helps the body to realign itself naturally. Along with relaxation, Reiki promotes holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki is the most popular form of energy healing. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The premise behind Reiki is that it balances a person’s Chi (energy force). Disease and illness is created by an imbalance of energy forces. Reiki realigns those energy forces and unblocks natural energy flow. This will restore a person back to health.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments can be self-administered or performed by a Reiki practitioner. A practitioner has learned the hand positions and placement on the body’s energy centers that begins the process of healing. As the hands are placed on specific energy centers, energy that is blocked will begin to flow so that the body can heal itself naturally.

Reiki treatments will not do any harm. They are very relaxing. Each person’s energy treatment is individual and specific to that person. People often feel deep heat or tingling during the treatments. The body’s energy will know where to go and what to do for healing. All that the Reiki practitioner is doing is facilitating that energy flow to where the body knows it should go.

Though some people may not feel any energy movement, the treatment is working. Improvement can be slow and gradual over a period of time. For severe blockages for conditions that have been present in the body, mind, spirit for a long time it may take months before the blockages are released. When these blockages are eliminated, more energy can flow through the body naturally.

Mind/Body Connection

Reiki is holistic in nature. Therefore, for maximum results it is important that the thought processes align with the channeling of energy in the body. It is important to think positively in order to affect a balance of energy fields that can be the cause of disease and mental distress.

Reiki practitioners sometimes caution that healing is not curing. A person must take personal responsibility for healing the cause of energy blockage in the body. Since all life issues are symptomatic of a lesson that must be learned, the individual undergoing Reiki healing must take responsibility for the issues that are occurring in life. Letting go of negative thoughts and emotions is a personal responsibility. Energy will flow when these issue blockages are released.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

There are many mental and emotional benefits of Reiki treatments.

•Calmness, mental clarity, emotional release. Treatments loosen blocked energy.
•Promotes deep relaxation. Reduces stress
•Relief from pain after surgery or chronic pain
•Eases anxiety and depression
•Aids in relaxed sleep
•Increases creativity and clarity of thought
•Promotes vitality and increases energy
•Strengthens the immune system to aid in healing

Learning Reiki

There are many classes on Reiki. Hospitals often hold Reiki training classes as they understand the benefit of reducing stress and the mind/body connection. Reiki is easy to learn. There are three levels of Reiki that lead to becoming a Reiki Master.

The first level of Reiki training will teach the basics of Reiki, including history, principles, and how to give a Reiki treatment. It also focuses on chakra and aura awareness.

Level two training explains different hand positions, descriptions of Reiki symbols, and distance Reiki treatments.
Level three training is the Reiki/Master training level and focuses on how to teach Reiki, as well as professional ethics and conduct.

When considering taking a Reiki training class, make sure that you find out who is teaching the class, and ask for references.

Reiki is growing in popularity as people seek relief from stressful lives and seek spiritual and emotional peace.

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