Reiki For Your Body and Mind

There are three basic reasons for injury and illness: heredity, environment and mental origin. Reiki, as defined by founder Mikao Usui is ‘the miraculous medicine for all disease’, no matter what the cause. The simplest way to describe Reiki is that the practitioner is channeling the light of creation into the client, paying particular attention to the area of injury. This energy helps the client release the blockages and re-establish the natural flow, the balance necessary for a healthy body. If you were to go online to find a practitioner, you would find several disciplines of Reiki: Usui, Karuna, etc. What you want to find is ‘Jikiden’, which translates to ‘direct lineage’. The other forms have been westernized or otherwise altered from the original. That is not to say that they don’t have value. As with anything, if positive word of mouth brings you to an Usui Reiki Practitioner, take advantage of it. If they are not practicing Jikiden, however, proceed with caution. Some disciplines use odd chants and even draw symbols on the client without full knowledge of what they mean. Every practitioner should have their credentials for you to see, just like a western doctor, so don’t be afraid to ask.

The benefits of Reiki are worth the work of finding a true, licensed practitioner. Everybody experiences the energy differently, but one client of mine said she felt like I was pulling spider webs out of her injured shoulder. That was simply the blockage leaving her body. I have seen Reiki work on everything from migraines to viruses and as western medicine becomes more and more convoluted and expensive, this very simple treatment can help us be healthy without breaking the bank.

Reiki is safe for everyone, even pregnant women and babies. A proper treatment should consist of nothing more than the client lying comfortably while the practitioner holds his or her hands over the affected area. Touching is not even required. In fact, Reiki can even be performed at great distances. All the practitioner needs is a clear picture of the client and a description of the ailment, so if you can’t find a practitioner nearby, find one on the internet and see if they will work with you remotely.

Emotional issues can also be addressed by the healing power of Reiki. It can help you quit smoking, lose weight, come out of depression, or any other emotional restrictions that plague you. The treatment for this is a bit different, but works just the same. The practitioner will need to address the issue verbally, so make sure you are comfortable disclosing everything you want help releasing through the course of treatment; if the practitioner doesn’t know exactly what you are trying to release, they won’t fully be able to help you.

Becoming a practitioner is a very special gift you can give yourself and those around you. Imagine being able to quiet a colicky baby just by keeping your hands on them for a short time. Imagine being able to rid yourself of a headache without needing to spend money on drugs. Reiki is an amazing practice and when used in conjunction with herbs, stones and other disciplines of natural medicine, it can be a life changer.

The Five Principles that every Reiki Practitioner are taught are words we can all live by. 1. Just for today, do not be angry. 2. Do not be worried. 3. Be grateful. 4. Do your duties fully. 5. Be kind to others. These are freeing, empowering words, which fit perfectly into a life lived with natural medicine. Enjoy your journey.

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