Reflexology Massage and Its Benefits

Reflexology is a type of massage that has been around for centuries. It is based on the belief that the feet have nerve connections to every other part of the body. Those nerve connections, present in the foot, can be massaged and will have a direct positive effect on the part of the body to which that part corresponds.

This belief is not totally unlike acupuncture in that there is a flow of energy that can be guided to all parts of the body and help overcome physically illness and distress. There are charts in foot reflexology that show what part of the foot connects to what part of the rest of the body. For example, the big toe is generally considered to correspond to the head and neck. If there is much tension and pain in the head, especially from stress, a reflexologist will focus on massage one’s large toes and pushing and pulling it to help ease the pain in the head. There are parts along the edge of the inside of the arch that corresponds to the spine and all of its related areas- cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. By giving more attention to these parts of the foot during a foot reflexology massage, an aching back can be alleviated.

Foot reflexology has helped people with many types of ailments suffer less pain, less tension and heightened awareness. It can help insomnia, muscle tension and tension related pain, gastrointestinal upsets, heart. lung and circulatory problems. No cuts are made, no injections, no needles, nothing at all invasive. All it does is use human hands to massage the feet of another human being. Before this is done, the person giving the foot massage will listen to the patients concerns and complaints. When that history is obtained, the reflexologist will then ask the patient to remove his shoes and socks, and roll up his or her pant legs, if necessary. They will then be given a foot bath. This is also a health issue to cleanse the feet as well. Once the feet are cleansed and dried, they will be given the utmost attention by the reflexologist’s hands, with some oil or lotion to reduce friction and help it feel good. The environment will most likely be very calming and serene. No loud office machines or bright lights. Gentle music or nature sounds will heard. The reflexologist will give special attention to the areas of the foot that correspond directly to the patient’s health concerns.

When complete, the patient will feel quite relaxed, and some of his initial complaints will have subsided. Circulation can be restored to some extent and lungs can function better. The liver and spleen, the toxin cleansing organs have a corresponding part, leaving the patient feeling refreshed. There is a corresponding part on the feet to every ailment you have from gallstones to liver disease and yes, even to sexual problems. The pelvic areas for men and women are near the ankle bones. Proper massaging of those areas can assist in treating premenstrual syndrome, erectile dysfunction and even fertility issues.

This is not a cure for ailments or diseases, but an adjunct, or a treatment in addition to. In many types of ancient medicine, before modern medicine in the Western world was considered the norm, these adjunct treatments were the main treatment for all ills. Reflexologists, aromatherapists and herbalists, and acupuncturists treated and cured many ailments. Many open minded people have come to realize ancient Eastern medicine has a place in twenty first century medicine. It cannot, obviously, replace today’s modern medicine and treatments, but with no side effects, why not give it a try?

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