Pressure Points Review

Pressure points on the human body can be used for a variety of different things. Certain pressure points be used in self defense moves or martial arts. Pressure points are also widely used as natural treatment methods to manage pain. The idea behind pressure points is similar to that of acupuncture. When the proper amount of pressure is applied to a group of nerve endings it can be beneficial to the body. Pressure applied to an artery or vein can help slow bleeding and potentially save a person’s life.

The pressure points are targeted areas on the body where there are a large amount of nerves grouped together. This is why one pressure point can be used to target areas all over the body. Massage therapists frequently use these pressure points to help relieve tension, especially in the neck and shoulder areas. It is important a person does not overdo it with the amount of pressure applied. As mentioned earlier, some pressure points can render a person completely disabled.

A person can conduct their own pressure point therapy in most cases. Using a finger or thumb, a person applies gentle pressure and slowly increases it until they feel the nerve endings coming to life. There may be an instant change in the pain you are feeling, or it may take several minutes. Pressure points are very small, about the size of the tip of your finger. Some points are better reached by using the eraser end of a pencil. Pressing too hard defeats the purpose of acupressure. If no effect is felt, the person may have missed the pressure point.

Probably, the most frequently used pressure points are on the back of the neck and shoulder blades. There are two pressure points on either side of the back of the neck that can be used to ease a stiff neck, exhaustion, eye strain and even a sore throat. There is another pressure point between the pointer and middle finger that can help relieve neck pain as well.

The pressure point located at the midway point on each shoulder bone is helpful for relieving a stiff neck. It can also relieve nervous tension throughout the entire body. Traditional Chinese Medicine states this particular pressure point is beneficial for a person who is fighting off a cold and good for the lungs. Pressure points can help relieve things like nausea or motion sickness. Women frequently use acupressure during labor or as a labor inducer.

There are numerous pressure points that a person will naturally press when they are experiencing discomfort. For example, rubbing a person’s temples when their head hurts is actually a pressure point and really can relieve a headache. The trick is to combine the temple pressure points with the ones located on either side of the bridge of the nose. Slow circular motions with the fingertips applying pressure can help take care of a headache in under five minutes.

Toothaches can be relieved with a pressure point on the cheekbone. Again, when a person has a toothache, they naturally hold their face. By applying pressure to the pressure point just below the center of the cheekbone a person will experience almost instant pain relief. These tricks have been used for centuries by Chinese therapists for a reason. They truly work without the harmful side effects of pain relievers.

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