Plan Your Herb Garden Before You Dive In

Plan Your Herb Garden Before You Dive InHaving you own herb garden can be fun and rewarding! Once you have had one for a good a mount of time, you can use your own herbs earned with hard work to create the perfect dish without running to the store to purchase what you need. Nothing feels better than being self sufficient and cooking great meals with herbs from your own back yard. And, when you plant the herbs yourself, you now the exact nutritional value of your seasoning. No preservatives are placed to dull the flavoring and take away healthy benefits; your garden actually helps you stay healthy!

But before diving straight into herb gardening, you should take a look at the different types of herb gardens out there. Certain herb garden designs with different herbs work better for different areas because of climate conditions and soil type variances. Consider a few ideas for herb garden planting with a budget before jumping to the potting soil section of your nearest gardening store.

Decide what herbs you wish to grow. Before ever start looking into what soil you should buy and how much room you will need, you need to know what you want to grow. If you want herbs that will be used for medicinal purposes, you should research the ones that will be most beneficial for you. If you want herbs only for use in cooking, you probably already know which ones you use most often. If you have little time for them, choose herbs which require little attention. Once you know which herbs you wish to have in your garden, you should look into the living conditions of the herbs and design your garden with the best living conditions.

Also, consider climate conditions in your area. Certain herbs will need different conditions to survive and must be planted at certain times of the year. Planting an herb that has little chance of growing in the temperature around your house will be a waste of time, so be aware of herb climate requirements.

Three distinct types of herb gardens are most commonly used: potted herb gardens, outdoor herb gardens, creative herb gardens.

With potted herb gardens, you are ensured the easiest way to set up and maintain an herb garden. You have control over the size of the garden because the herbs are kept in pots. This type of garden is great for individuals who live in apartments or houses with little yard space. These can fit in the window sill in individual pots that enhance the decor of the house while supplying plenty of remedial or enjoyable seasonings.

Outdoor herb gardens are for those who have a spacious yard and enjoy the idea of working out in the garden instead of staying in the house. Herbs outside receive plenty of sunshine and fresh air and rain, and they can be arranged to fit with other gardens in a beautiful pattern. Some herbs are even repellents for insects and can be beneficial when placed amidst a vegetable or flower garden. They can keep away slugs and snails and other small pests while providing fresh herbs and plants.

In creative herb gardens, individuals with spacious homes can place herbs all over the house in places that allow great sunlight and open air. The fresh scent of herbs throughout the house is lovely when paired with beautiful placement and healthy living.

Whichever herbs you choose to grow and however you choose to place them, keep up with nutritional requirements and give them the love and attention they need to successfully grow into delicious, medicinal additions to your favorite dishes.

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