Organic, What does it really mean?

With the rising increase of sickness and disease in the human race, it’s no wonder that people are starting to look for better ways of living that will help them prevent and possibly cure the majority of health problems. It has been said that a healthy immune system has the ability to attack and destroy all foreign invading cells in the body, while regenerating damaged cells and tissues in the body. Often times, some of these foreign invaders are considered to be silent invaders because they do not cause any immediate health issues like the common cold, flu, bacterial infection, or a viral infection. A few silent invaders that are known to accumulate in a person’s body include toxins such as pesticides, carcinogens, heavy metals, plastics, and hormones. These silent invaders come from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the beverages that we drink, and the personal care products that we use. Toxins are everywhere and it is almost a lost cause trying to avoid them all. There are, however, a few things you can do to minimize your exposure to toxins.

Choose To Eat Organic Foods

One of the most popular subjects that always seems to come up in conversations about minimizing toxins is “organic foods”. Eating organic foods isn’t just some kind of fashionable food trend meant for a bunch of health nuts and hippies. Organic foods are becoming more of a necessity across the entire nation, as more and more people are realizing the health risks of eating non-organic foods. All too often, many bulk produce farms use cheap, harmful chemicals to keep the bugs from destroying their crops. These farms usually don’t care about how much toxins are getting in the food, as long as they’re able to harvest and sell enough food to make a profit. Although it is somewhat understandable to use chemicals since a majority of the food supply depends on it, consumers need to understand that it is up to them to seek out organic foods to protect themselves from the harmful toxic bulk foods that are being produced with chemicals.

Detoxify Your Body Using Natural Minerals

A new wave of health conscious individuals have discovered a way to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins by using natural minerals found in the Earth’s crust. These minerals are known as diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid, which both work together in the body to essentially “scrub” the entire digestive system and its organs. These minerals dislodge harmful toxins and heavy metals that have been building up in the body for years and all of the harmful elements are expelled through the urinary tract.

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