Oregano Heals Many Ailments

When a person thinks of the herb oregano, he or she may usually think of Italian food such as spaghetti. Cooking with oregano is a typical way to use this herb, however; there are many other uses for oregano. Oregano has a long history of being used for cooking and for medicinal purposes. Ancient Romans would chew oregano leaves to help with toothache pain and indigestion. From ancient roman times to today, oregano has an important place in cooking and herbal medicines.

Oregano was used in ancient Greece. According to roman mythology, the goddess Aphrodite invited oregano to give people happier lives. Newlyweds in Greece were given wreaths of oregano to wear on their heads to ensure a happy marriage, and people also put oregano onto the graves of loved ones to make sure their spirits had a peaceful journey to heaven. Greek physicians discovered that oregano had many uses for medicine and prescribed oregano to cure many illnesses.

Oregano can be used in herbal medicine to cure illnesses such as fungus infections and digestive problems. This all-purpose herb can also soothe bee stings and is a good pain reliever. The oil of this herb can be bought at health food stores and has many medical benefits. Oil of oregano can be bought in capsule form or liquid. When used properly, this herb can strengthen a person’s immune system, improve their joints, and improve the health of a person’s lungs. The oil can also be applied directly to a person’s skin to help with acne, itches, and irritating skin rashes.

In addition to the oil, oregano can be made into a tea that can relieve symptoms of various illnesses. Oregano tea can treat menstrual cramps, headaches, and colds. It can help relieve bloating and indigestion and can be drank to help relive a sore throat. Although this tea is very effective in treating medical illnesses, it is important for pregnant women to avoid oregano tea because high doses of oregano prevent iron absorption.

In addition to health benefits, oregano can also be used in beauty regimens. It is proven to increase the health of a person’s hair. Its strong antibacterial properties help improve scalp health and eliminate dandruff. Oregano is also beneficial at treating head lice. Because oil of oregano can be irritating when put directly on skin, it is important to dilute the oil with shampoo before applying to the scalp. The lice will be repelled by the scent of the oregano and texture of the shampoo. This is a less expensive way to get rid of head lice that works as well, if not better, than commercial head lice shampoos.

Like any medicine or herb, oregano can have side effects. These include skin irritation and rashes. Oregano can also hinder the absorption of iron, so it is important to be aware of this fact and take iron supplements while taking oregano. These side effects are usually seen in most people but it is important to be aware of them.

Oregano is a common household herb that has many health benefits. It can be purchased in health food stores or on the internet. In addition it can also be grown quite easily at home. If a person does decide to grow their own oregano, he or she can use the fresh herbs for the herbal remedies or crush the leaves to make their own oil of oregano. Oregano can treat conditions such as digestive problems, low immune systems, and insect bites. Oregano has a long history of being used as a medicinal herb that can treat many common illnesses.

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