Natural Cholesterol Lowering Food Or Herbs

Millions of people are told their cholesterol levels are too high. High cholesterol can be deadly if not treated immediately. There are a large number of prescription medications that a doctor may prescribe in order to lower cholesterol levels. However, the majority of these medicines come with negative side effects. Some of those side effects can include raising a person’s blood pressure which is just trading one dangerous condition for another.

There is hope. People have maintained healthy cholesterol for thousands of years by consuming cholesterol lowering foods and natural growing plants and herbs. The idea of eating delicious foods to lower cholesterol levels is much more appealing than taking numerous pills daily for the rest of a person’s life. People may not even realize the health benefits associated with their favorite foods.

While eating cholesterol lowering foods can help a person’s health it is important to restrict foods that increase cholesterol levels. Meat eaters will be excited to learn that fatty fish like salmon, sardines and anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids and are perfect for a cholesterol lowering diet. Eating baked or grilled salmon at least twice a week is recommended. Substituting skinless chicken for red meat can also be beneficial.

Brown rice is another tasty cholesterol lowering food. A meal that includes brown rice and a variety of beans is filling and can be cooked to suit any picky eater’s taste buds. There are plenty of bean varieties to choose from ensuring a person is not eating the same old thing every day. Add a little soy into the meal for an extra flavor boost. Soy products like tofu and tempeh are filling as well as healthy.

Cooking meals with olive oil instead of lard or vegetable oil can make a big difference in a low cholesterol diet. Flavoring foods with garlic is delicious and uses the natural cholesterol lowering properties of garlic. Other natural spices like basil, thyme, and oregano are also high flavor options. Growing fresh herbs in an herb garden ensures a steady supply of herbs is always available.

Snacks that consist of a variety of nuts and seeds are a great alternate to fatty potato chips. Breakfasts that are filled with oats and bran are cholesterol lowering and a great way to start the day. Mix in fruits like apples, pears or peaches for added cholesterol lowering power. Using a sprinkle of cinnamon on top your favorite fruits also boosts the cholesterol lowering properties.

Diet is just one way to lower cholesterol. Combining a healthy diet with a natural cholesterol lowering supplements gives a body the extra boost it needs to stay healthy. There are several different natural growing herbs and plants that have excellent health benefits. These can be bought over the internet, at a local health food store or in some drugstores. Growing an herb garden is another option that many prefer. Tending a garden can actually help lower a person’s blood pressure as well.

An herb garden that includes some of the more common food spices is easy to get started. A window herb garden is perfect for those who do not have access to an outdoor area. Keeping a few window pots of the most frequently used herbs is ideal. Herb seeds are inexpensive and most can be purchased at any home store. A special kit or herb pot includes the materials needed for growing herbs with modest work. Most herbs are very hearty and require little care. Anybody can successfully grow an herb garden.

Fresh grown herbs are not only better tasting, but they are packed full of cholesterol lowering properties. Adding a ginger root supplement or garlic supplement to the daily diet is another great way to lower cholesterol. Vitamin C and Niacin in moderation can be taken as well. It is important to follow dosing instructions with these particular supplements.

A person does not have to resign themselves to taking dangerous prescription medicine for the rest of their lives. Maintaining a healthy diet that includes the herbs listed here can help keep a person’s heart healthy.

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