Medicinal Uses of the Bulbinella Herb

The Bulbinella Herb is a South African native originating plant that grows well in many different and challenging climates. Besides having many useful qualities such as being resistant to drought and brightening up the area where it grows, the Bulbinella Herb possesses many helpful medical uses. It has been called the South African version of Aloe Vera, but its medicinal benefits go far beyond simply Aloe Vera types of applications.

The Healing Sap of the Bulbinella

Bulbinella leaves turn out to be long, thick, and also round shaped. In appearance, they look like garlic chives. The greatest thing about this herb’s leaves are the natural healing sap that they possess. Among the wonderful properties of the Bulbinella herb sap are the glycoproteins that they contain. Glycoproteins have traits of protecting and soothing injuries.

Using Bulbinella to Treat Bug Bites

This Bulbinella Herb leaf sap proves to be clear in color and useful for various maladies in different parts of the body. It is effective when rubbed on the skin at relieving irritation, pain, and itching of mosquito bites. The other nice thing about it as a mosquito bite treatment is that the relief it provides is practically instantaneous.

Bulbinella Herb sap from the leaves also helps to treat other injuries found on the body that are produced by insects. Wasp, hornet, and bee stings are all effectively relieved by the application of the sap directly to the site of the bug bite. In order to use the herb effectively on these stings and bites, the person only has to take a leaf from the plant that they have growing in a pot or the garden, break the leaf or crush it, and then rub the whole broken or crushed leaf all around the burning, affected area. This should be done in a back and forth motion to achieve a maximum coverage of the sap.

When a person has his or her own Bulbinella Herb plant growing nearby in or behind the house, then he or she will no longer need to go down to the pharmacy every time someone in the family suffers from a bug bite or insect sting. This turns out to be much like having one’s own pharmacy actually growing out back behind the house in the garden. Bulbinella’s uses are not limited to relieving the pain and itching from such bug problems though.

Various Other Medicinal Uses of Bulbinella Herbs

Bulbinella herbs can also be used to treat many other ailments as well. It is useful for slowing down the rate of bleeding for a person who can not make bleeding stop as a result of a cut. It can be applied directly to the acne sufferer’s acne on his or her face, forehead, neck, back, or wherever the acne is found. A person with a bad case of chapped lips or cold sores can also help to heal and relieve this pain using Bulbinella herbs. Cracked heels also are softened and soothed using this amazing herb. Like with Aloe Vera, Bulbinella Herb sap makes a wonderful sunburn relief. Finally, people who suffer from eczema on their feet can greatly lessen the itching and burning associated with this fungus by simply applying the herb to the location of the eczema. This herb turns out to be a wonderful cure all for most maladies of the skin.

For any person or family who enjoys utilizing home remedies and naturally occurring herbs to help sooth, relieve, and alleviate pains, bruises, scratches, and aches, Bulbinella proves to be a multi symptom curing herb that no one should do without. Growing this herb will save a significant amount of money spent in the pharmacy. Besides this, the plant brightens up most any location, inside or outside, with its beautiful orange and yellow flowers. Not only is it soothing to the skin, but it is easy on the eyes and good for a person’s soul to have around.

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