Massage Therapy for Pain Patients

Patients suffering from either short term or chronic pain can benefit from experiencing massage therapy. Touch is a very powerful form of medicine and there are many options available. Finding the right place and the right massage therapist is one of the first steps. Each will have different techniques and ideas about working with pain patients. Asking questions will help you to feel safe and cared for during the massage.

First, it is important to tell your massage therapist about your pain. The more information you can give them, the better they will be able to meet your individual needs. Open communication is vital to a successful massage therapy experience. Always speak up about any additional pain you feel during the massage and be vocal about whether the amount of pressure is right for you. Every person is different and the amount of pressure that is right for you may be too much or not enough for the next person.

Some pain patients will want to use massage therapy as a way to get temporary relief from pain while others may want to try types of massage that may be able to treat pain for the long term. For short term healing, the emphasis should be on finding a massage therapist that is skilled in gently applying pressure without causing additional pain.

Shiatsu massage is one type of massage therapy that focuses on long-term healing by opening up the channels of energy in the body. This type of massage, when practiced correctly, can be extremely beneficial to pain patients. The Shiatsu massage therapist will focus on specific pressure points throughout the body based on where you experience pain. These pressure points will be gently stimulated to help open up the flow of energy. Once the energy is open, the body can naturally heal itself.

Many Shiatsu massage therapists will explain that the pain in your body is caused by blockages of energy. Treating these blockages can require one session or many sessions depending on the individual case. Shiatsu massage therapists are often used to working with patients with chronic pain or other medical conditions. This means that they are in a great position to understand and treat your pain.

Massage therapy can be a wonderful thing for pain patients. With the right person, massage therapy will be part of the healing process, or at least a regular time to feel better and receive some care and relief. Trying different types of massage may help you to find the perfect way to manage or treat your pain. Remember, it is okay to speak to your primary care doctor about any concerns when starting a massage therapy program. The more you know about your body, the more you can direct your massage therapy session to receive the best results possible.

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