Is Meditation Music Really Helpful For Meditation?

There are a variety of different types of music that is used while meditating. There are also many different types of meditations as well. Many people enjoy listening to music while the meditate because it may relax them more then they would be without music. Before you decide on what type of meditation music you would like to listen to you should be sure to also know what kind of meditation you plan to do. Meditation is separated into a couple of basic groups.

The first group of meditation is the traditional form that many people do. This type of meditation consist of getting yourself to a level where you can completely enter into the world of strict meditation. When you are meditating it will feel as if nothing else is around. When doing this type of meditation you are trying to pretend that you are free of all thoughts, which allows your mind to be free of all thinking. In order to achieve this state of mediation it is important for you to master the technique that will allow you to rid of any thoughts that may cross your mind, and instead cause them to drift completely away. This type of meditation takes a lot of patience and you will need to relax your mind from all thoughts, which is why listening to meditation music is not recommended. If you are listening to music while trying to accomplish this your mind is trying to listen to the music instead of focusing on meditation.

There is another type of mediation that is less difficult to accomplish but will still bring you to the state of forgetting everything else other then meditating. This type of meditation is a little more simpler to achieve then the other type of mediation. This form of meditation is better to do while listening to music. Of course you will need to only listen to music that is calming because it will assist in relaxing you and helping you get into the correct meditative state. You can find a variety of calming music that will make you feel as if there are no worries in the world and you are in a place of pure relaxation.

Then there are the types of meditation that will guide you into the proper meditation state. These types of meditation will use music in the background to assist in relaxing you. These meditations will be guided by using instructions that are narrated by a person with a soft spoken voice or some even will use the music to put you in a hypnotic state of mind. The instructions that are given are intended to allow you to become completely relaxed, while you do nothing other then listen to what the instructions are. If you listen to the narrators soft voice and allow your mind to get lost in another world you will soon be in a state of meditation and you may not even realize it.

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