Infrared Sauna Shows Benefits in Outcome and Wallet

The sweat glands that cover a person’s skin are made up of one hundred and fifty to three hundred and forty eccrine glands per square centimeter. When sweat comes out of the pores of your skin and through the oil glands that are embedded in your skin, you are releasing bad chemicals and toxins. This is mainly why men and women enjoy sitting in a traditional sauna. When you sit in an infrared sauna, you will lose various levels of water and toxins. For example, eighty percent of what leaves your body while in an infrared sauna will be water. Twenty percent of what leaves your body will be toxins and other bad chemicals that may be in your body. Of course, this percentage mostly depends on your toxicity level while you are in the infrared sauna.

Although these numbers are not as good as the numbers that you would receive while in a traditional sauna, there is no doubt that an infrared sauna will be better to your health and your wallet. Higher percentage drops mean nothing when all around features are inspected.

How Does a Traditional Sauna Work?

A traditional sauna works by bringing sweat to your body’s surface through extremely hot water temperatures. A traditional sauna has to use very high temperatures in order to produce sweat. It can be very hard to handle such high temperatures for a long time. In fact, doctors say that not anything more than twenty minutes is recommended. Doctors agree that staying in a traditional sauna for more than twenty minutes could potentially place unnecessary strain on your heart.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Work?

Unlike the unnecessary high temperatures of the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna features the amazing ability t reach a higher and deeper degree of heat penetration without needed exceedingly high temperatures. For example, the infrared sauna does not need to heat water at untouchable limits in order to complete a successful detoxification. In fact, an infrared sauna only features temperatures that are up to one hundred and twenty degrees. While in an infrared at this temperature, sweat will easily form on your skin without you having to be in an uncomfortable position. As you may already know, this is slightly better when compared to the traditional sauna temperatures. Traditional sauna temperatures run up to one hundred and eighty degrees. Many people agree that the infrared sauna is a safer and more enjoyable alternative to the not so safe traditional sauna.

An Infrared Sauna is Something That You Can Afford

As if these statistics were not enough, the fact that an infrared is affordable makes it an excellent choice. An infrared sauna is perfect for a middle class family or even a lower class family. This is because the infrared sauna has a lightweight build and it is something that many people can afford. An infrared sauna can cost around one hundred and fifty dollars. This is the starting cost for a basic infrared sauna model. This means that a lower class family or middle class family can easily add more features without having to pay very large amounts of money. For example, a traditional sauna can cost ten thousand dollars or more if you add every available feature. This leaves you with not much money for anything else that you may need or want. You will rarely purchase an infrared that costs less than three thousand dollars. This is with extra features included. The money that you save by purchasing an infrared sauna can be used for anything that you may need in the future. In addition, overtime the benefits from long-term use could be better than the benefits of a traditional sauna.

How the Infrared Sauna Can Help You

An infrared sauna detoxification can relieve depression, chronic infections, chronic fatigue, allergies, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, anxiety, headaches, asthma, arthritis, low blood sugar, and digestive disorders.

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