How to Save Money on Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are a great way to spice up a meal, as well as offering a number of health benefits and healing properties to boot, but can run up quite a bill when getting them at the store. This is especially true due to the wide variety of these herbs and spice available. Luckily, there are ways to buy the ones that are needed while still saving a bundle on the overall cost.

Grow Them on the Windowsill
Herbs are plants. Ergo, they may be grown just like any fruit or vegetable can be. The Internet is a wonderful hub of information that provides detailed instructions on how to grow herbs and spices. Some companies may even offer starter’s kits that may contain helpful tools such as the seeds themselves. Not only will this help save money on getting them at the store, but they can be enjoyed at the full peak of their freshness.

Buy Them in Bulk
No matter how aesthetically pleasing the prepackaging of the herbs and spices may be, resist all temptation to buy them. Consider buying in bulk instead, which will save tons of money in the long run. An increasing number of grocery stores are offering this convenience, along with being able to purchase the exact amount desired without the prepackaging included.

If a local grocery store does not offer this service, any number of health food and natural food stores should in its stead. Spices can be contained in old spice jars or perhaps in an inexpensive glass jar from the dollar store. Problems with storage, solved. Keep in mind, typically dried herbs and spices will have a shelf life of about six months, so make sure not to get more than is necessary for that time period.

To take it one step further, it would be in one’s best interest for one to consider visiting a wholesaler and buying herbs and spices in even greater bulk. If friends and family enjoy using herbs and spices, consider sharing a little bit as well. This results not only in saving money, but helping others save money in addition to this.

Dehydrate or Freeze Them
Should an overabundance of herbs and spice be lying about, consider either dehydrating or freezing them. Frozen herbs can be useful for up to a year while still maintaining its taste, albeit a less vibrant once. Once thawed, frozen herbs can be useful in soups.

Purchase a dehydrator and dehydrate the herbs alternatively in an effort to save money. After dehydration, they may be ground and placed into inexpensive glass jars or old spice containers and used in that fashion. Food dehydrators may be found online for as little as the cost of a family’s meal out, or it may be found at stores that also sell camping equipment.

To conclude, there are a variety of ways to save on herbs and spices that may even result in a single trip to the store. Perhaps it is true that more money may be spent at once, but this results in no money being spent later on, resulting in an overall savings on money in the long run.

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