How to Make Your Own Herbal Bath Vinegars

Looking to grow herbs is the first step in becoming a healthier and more organic individual. The advantage to growing herbs is that it’s easy and can be done at any time of the year, both indoors and outdoors. The easiest way to keep an herb garden is by having one on your windowsill. Not only will you have easy access to all of your herbs, but taking care of them requires little maintenance.

To get started, pick a windowsill that gets a lot of sunlight. Purchase a few of your favorite herb plants from a local store and plant them in containers that are 6-12 inches deep. If you’d like, you can plant multiple herbs in the same container, providing it is long or wide. Put 2-3 inches of soilless potting mix in the bottom of the container. Using a soilless potting mix eliminates the risk of soil born diseases which can affect the quality of your herbs. Position and plant your herbs, then finish filling them in using the potting mix. Gently pat the mix around the herbs and leave an inch at the top of the container so you can water them.

How to Choose Herbs for Herbal Bath Vinegars

As your herbs start to grow, you’ll consider all the different things you can make with them. A great place to start is by making herbal bath vinegars, as they‘re easy and fun to play around with. Not only are herbal bath vinegars decorative, but they smell delightful and preserve the natural scents of the herbs. To get started, choose which herbs you are going to pair together. There are no rules and no limits, so use your imagination. You will find that certain mixes of herbs smell better than others, but here are some good pairs to start off with:

Cinnamon Basil and Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Sticks with Allspice and Whole Cloves
Lemon Basil
Basil Garlic and Peppercorn

With the ease and simplicity of making herbal bath vinegars, you can also make a variety of herbal scents to set a certain type of mood. For example, rose petals and lavender create a relaxing environment, while mint leaves are refreshing. To add to your bathing experience, pair together different herbs with all-natural soy candles.

How to Make Herbal Bath Vinegars

When you’ve chosen your combination of herbs, fill a large pot with one liter of apple cider vinegar. It’s best to use organic apple cider in order to keep your bath vinegars as natural as possible. Bring the apple cider to a boil, then pour the cider over your herbs, which should be in a small container. Cover the container with saran wrap and place it in the window so that it will absorb heat from the sun. Over the next 10 days to 2 weeks, the herbal bath vinegar will continue to age and develop.

After 2 weeks, you can use your herbal bath vinegars. Use a strainer to remove any large debris from the herbal solution. Package the mixture into tiny decorative bottles and place them in your bathroom until you are ready to use them. You can also give them away as gifts by tying a decorative bow around the bottle.

When you are ready to use the herbal bath vinegars, simply pour one cup of the vinegar into your bath water. When you enter the bathtub, you will not only smell the aromatic blend of the herbs, but your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated. Best of all, using herbal bath vinegars gives you a great smelling bath product that is all-natural and does not contain any harmful dyes, chemicals or fragrances.

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