How to Learn Usui Reiki

Reiki is a technique developed by the Japanese that can be used to lower stress levels, encourage relaxation, and even help heal. Reiki calls for the laying on of hands and is deeply influenced by the thought that an invisible life force energy streams through the human body. If this energy is depleted, then the person is more susceptible to sickness and/or stress. On the other hand, if this energy is high, then the person is more likely to be healthy and happy.

Reiki can be broken down into two Japanese words. Rei means “Higher Power or God’s Wisdom” and Ki means “life force energy.” When brought together Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Usui Reiki is a wonderful place to begin training as it is the original form of reiki developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. This form is both simple and natural, and divided into three levels of training: reiki one, reiki two, and reiki master. Each level delves into particular areas of the art and the practitioner is both expected and encouraged to use the techniques they’ve learned in both self-healing and to heal others between training levels. Doing so imparts the student with a sense of familiarity as well as confidence.

In classic Usui Reiki there exist four symbols utilized in training and passing Reiki Attunements. These symbols are Long Distance, Power, Mental/Emotional, and the Master Symbol. These four symbols have healing power and uses and have been created and developed by multiple reiki schools and masters.

1st and 2nd level Reiki healers are able to utilize these symbols for certain purposes when using reiki, the availability of symbols corresponding to the level that they have been “attuned” to.

These symbols are used in the first level of reiki attunement, but are not yet available for the practitioner’s disposal. At the second level, the initial three symbols of Long Distance, Power, and Emotional/Mental are “synced” with the student, allowing the student to use them.

The use of reiki never depletes the practitioner’s own energy reserves. After being attuned the person is connected to the source. This heavenly energy flows in through the crown, and then swirls down into the body’s natural energy store just below the navel called the Hara. The reiki energy then flows out from the hands into the person being healed. In this manner both the “patient” and practitioner receive the benefits of reiki during the healing. An individual is forever linked to reiki once they have been properly attuned. Prayer, visualization, and meditation become unnecessary; the simple act of touching a person or themselves with the intent will cause the positive energy to flow. The practice of reiki can be used on all living things in the universe; animals, and plants as well as humans.

The art of reiki has often been thought to be instinctual. It’s almost as if the demand or need of the person causes the energy to flow. This wonderful energy can combat the symptoms of an illness and will dive straight to the core of the problem. Reiki energy spans across spiritual, mental, and emotional levels of the universe and encourage balance and healing on each and every level. Reiki healing has been shown to lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and accelerate the healing of wounds.

Learning reiki is a wonderful experience that opens the student to the natural healing power streaming around them every moment of every day. It brings them closer to themselves, the universe, and to the people that they heal.

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