How To Give A Relaxing Massage

How To Give A Relaxing MassageMassage is a relatively inexpensive way to make a person feel better fast. Human connection and touch can help to relax a person who feels overwhelmed with tension, and if the person giving the massage knows how to use their hands correctly, they can help to release tension and ease the pain of sore muscles.

Whether you are giving a massage to your partner to bring romance into your daily life, or you are helping a friend or relative feel better, there are a few tips to help make their massage relaxing and memorable.

Make a relaxing environment.

If you were to go to a massage parlor in order to get a massage, you would be taken back into a room that was the very image of relaxation. Lowered lights and soft music, a warm bed to lie on and possible aromatherapy.

Even if you are giving a massage at home, it is still possible to create that feeling of relaxation. Lower the lights, if possible. If you have a lamp in your room, try covering it with a thin fabric to lessen the amount of harsh light. Play some soft music, or even consider getting a sound machine or a soundtrack of nature sounds.

If possible, take the blankets you will be covering your massage surface with and let them run in the dryer for a few minutes prior to the massage. The heat will help to relax the muscles.

Use oil.

While it may not seem necessary, using a massage oil will help considerably with making a massage more relaxing. Any sort of massage oil can be used, and if the person receiving the massage happens to like a certain scent, you may be able to find oil in that particular scent. If not, lavender is considered one of the best aromatherapy scents for relaxation.

Make sure to coat not only your palms, but to drizzle some oil on the skin surface you will be massaging. Your massage recipient’s skin will absorb some of the oil, so a little extra will not hurt.

Use soft hands.

While a deep tissue massage might be something that you would enjoy, that may not be the case for the person receiving the massage. Whether you are smoothing your palms down along each side of their spine or using loosely cupped fists to relieve tension at the shoulder blades, always take the time to ask them if the sensation is pleasant. After all, you are looking to relax them.

When giving a massage, make sure to take the time to ‘warm up’ the muscles by spending at least five minutes rubbing in a circular motion over the area that you are going to massage. Not only does this relax the person receiving the massage, it will help to loosen up the muscles as well. This will also give the oils on your hands and the person receiving the massage’s skin to warm up as well, which will make it more pleasant for them.


No matter your good intentions, it is always easy to accidentally cause pain when giving a massage. Make sure to tell your recipient to let you know if they feel any discomfort or pain. They should also let you know about any lingering injuries, so that you do not risk further injury.

No matter who you are giving a massage to, or the reason that you choose to give them a massage, it is easy to give a massage parlor worthy rub down in your own home, for next to nothing. The important thing to remember is that you are connecting with a loved one through the power of touch. Your intentions are just as important as your technique, if not more so.

So go out there, get some aromatherapy oils and spend tonight lavishing someone with the love and affection that comes with a good, relaxing massage.

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