How to Choose the Right Reiki Course

The study of Reiki is rife with more than a few misunderstandings. Mainly, that is because most people are only peripherally aware of what Reiki entails and what its great value is. Often, Reiki will be “lumped in” with Feng Shui, numerology, and other subjects that it has no relationship with. For those that wish to truly learn Reiki and take advantage of the benefits it brings forth, enrolling in a formal Reiki class could prove to be a very wise decision.

Please keep in mind the fact that a “formal” Reiki class does not mean one that is rigid or overly structured. Rather, it refers to the proper structured instruction of the subject by a qualified individual. If there is no properly devised learning progression and the instructor lacks the actual ability to, well, instruct then the Reiki class is not going to be very helpful. As such, it becomes necessary to seek out the best Reiki class that is available.

This does raise the obvious question how you can find and select an appropriate Reiki class. Here is a look at how it this can be done….

You will always need to examine the credentials and experience of the instructor. When an instructor is relatively inexperienced, you will discover that that class may be lacking. You definitely would not want to enroll in a course taught by someone that may have been certified in an incredibly short period of time by a dubious source. Ultimately, your ability to succeed in learning Reiki will be based on proper instruction. That is why you need to make sure you are aligning with an instructor that truly does know what he/she is talking about.

The actual structure of the class will be important for attaining success. In particular, you will want to enroll in a course that offers convenient class time. Classes that are offered too early or too late in the day can be difficult to weave into a schedule. Floating class times that change week to week are also unhelpful when you do not want to miss any classes.

The size of the class is worth looking closer at as well. A class that is loaded with a high number of students is not automatically a bad class but it can be a little problematic. Why is this? It is not easy to get personalized attention when a class is too large. Consider this a major reason why it is necessary to sign on with a class that is not too crowded. You will need personal attention in a Reiki class if you want to get anything out of it. Never lose sight of this fact.

The price of the instruction needs to be considered but you must weigh all factors that go into the pricing. The least expensive course may not be much of a savings if the instruction is poor. And, quite honestly, the high priced courses are not always automatically the best. You will want to look towards a class that is within your range of affordability and delivers a proper instructional program. Anything else probably would lead to disappointment.

The duration of the class is helpful to examine. Is it a six week course, a twelve week course, or is it a weekend training session? You will want to select the training program duration that fits your own individual needs and specifications.

In a similar vein, you will also need to look towards the post-classroom session training. Will there be informal practice sessions orchestrated when the formal program ends? Would former student still be entitled to follow up with an instructor with questions and queries? This are all important things to consider prior to signing on with a Reiki class.

The factors that you need to consider prior to enrolling in a Reiki class are rooted in simple common sense. You will want to find a qualified instructor offering a solid class at a fair price. Such criteria will frequently lead to enjoying the overall experience.

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