How Self Hypnosis Can Cure Your Anxiety

Anxiety has become a very common issue for people in modernized societies. Anxiety is simply a feeling of dread, fear, and uncertainty. In some cases it is brought upon by a specific even, or the fear is directed at a specific possibility. In other cases the anxiety may be very broad, without any specific target or trigger that brings it about. Anxiety is a type of fear that is different from a feeling of terror. Rather than hitting all at once and leaving in a short period of time, it remains for a great deal of time and causes emotional avoidance and physical stress over long periods of time.

It is possible to mitigate the effects of anxiety, and in doing so you can take back control of your body, mind, and emotions. By bringing yourself to a calm state of mind after allowing anxiety to become the feeling that you consider normal, you will be amazed with how good you feel. In some ways, experiencing anxiety is a blessing as long as you can kick it and return to peace and relaxation, because it allows you to appreciate the feeling of serenity more than would otherwise be possible.

Regaining control of your emotions has an incredible effect on how you feel. You will not only feel better about yourself, but other people will notice the change and wonder what has gotten into you.

One of the most powerful tools for dealing with anxiety is referred to as self hypnosis. Self hypnosis puts you back in touch with yourself, making you more conscious of your own emotional balance so that you can eliminate some of the behaviors and thoughts that cause anxiety to surface.

In order to start removing your anxiety, start by finding a place where you can relax. It must be calm, quiet, and comfortable for you. You should be able to sit down without any distractions. The next step is to take several breaths that are very deep. Take them slowly; do not rush though them. Let yourself fall into a peaceful trance.

The next step is to think about the things that cause you to feel anxious. Continue to breathe deeply and relax as you are doing this. When you do this, you will notice that specific feelings, images, and other sensory information will arise. Notice what these sounds, images, and feelings are.

Think back to before the feeling of anxiety. Continue your deep breathing and allow yourself to think about how peaceful you feel before the anxiety arises. Think about how this feels. Realize that you made yourself feel this way. Realize that if you can feel peaceful now, you can do so in the future. Think about the images, sounds, and sensations that you associate with anxiety. Think about other ways that you might perceive these same sensations. It is possible to re-frame the feeling of “anxiety” as a feeling of excitement about possibilities.

Now that you understand what changes need to take place, think about what it would be like to carry these changes forward into the future. Think about situations that would normally cause you to feel anxiety, and think about how this new feeling of excitement will help you deal with these situations in a different way that you normally would.

In order for this to help you throughout your life, you must revisit this routinely. Make it a part of your day to think about this peaceful feeling and the feeling of excitement that is replacing your anxiety. This is probably the most important part of the process. In order for it to work, you must repeat it so that it becomes a part of you.

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